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Why do we need to take care of our feet? The feet are essential for taking us everywhere we need to go. And while this is a fairly obvious answer to why we need to protect our feet, we should also remember that our feet are a part of an interrelated system of muscles, joints, and skeletal systems. Taking care of our feet also means that we are taking care of our legs, hips, and back; these muscle groups all play a vital role in helping us move, stand, and basically get through life. If the feet are not supported properly, these other parts of the body will be forced to do extra work, which can cause pain and injuries that could have been avoided by simply by wearing a good pair of shoes.


What are the worst shoes for my feet?  Some of the worst shoes for your feet are high heels, flip flops, pointed-toe shoes, and flats. Each of these shoes are bad because they provide very little support for your feet in the arches or balls, they can squish your toes together too tightly, and they lack any protection from the impact of each step. Some of the risks that may occur when frequently wearing improper shoes are: calluses, plantar fasciitis, alignment problems, Achilles tendinitis, bunions, hammertoes, and arch problems. Most of these conditions will cause great pain that can only be relieved through medical intervention.


What are the best shoes for my feet? Everyone should have a pair of good sneakers. aA supportive arch, cushioning, and ample space for your toes is usually recommended. In addition, the best shoes are breathable in order to avoid excess sweating. There are many shoe stores that can help you find the best fit, and Dr. T can also help with some recommendations before you buy your next pair.


It is true that sneakers are not always the cutest accessory to every outfit. Sometimes, you will want to wear heels or flip flops with dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. However, it is still best to try and minimize the amount of time you spend in your unsupportive shoes as much as possible.

Another suggestion is to rotate your shoes often. Consider buying a few supportive, comfortable shoes that you alternate every few days. Each shoe is constructed differently — meaning that each shoe will provide different support to various areas of your body. By alternating which shoes you wear each day, you will decrease the chances of injury or pain caused by overuse or overstretching of any single muscle group.


If you have more questions about which shoes would help alleviate or prevent body aches, our office would love to help you find answers specifically for you! Please request your appointment here or give us a call at (813)983-7921.



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