Importance of a second opinion in healthcare
Obtaining a second opinion in healthcare is very important for certain conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular condition, to ensure that the diagnosis performed by your doctor is right. Second opinion of another doctor helps you to have a correct diagnosis and treatment options as you will receive the most appropriate treatment for your disease condition. Sometimes you may not feel confident about the decision of your doctor, which makes you to depend on another doctor to have a second opinion on your health condition. Second opinion helps you to know more about your current health condition.
Is it necessary to have a second opinion?
You can inform your doctor about taking a second opinion from another doctor. Competent physicians never offend to seek second opinion. Second opinion can be initiated by any one, either primary physician or patient. Second opinion is critical for patients with serious conditions such as cancer. Nowadays, second opinion is becoming a practice in any field of medicine as most fields have several treatment options. Selecting the right treatment procedure is very important to cure serious disease conditions. It provides the patients an opportunity to obtain information from an expert other than primary physician who will give advice on the treatment procedure.
When do you need a second opinion?
Never waste your time by searching for a choice, if you’re in need of an emergency treatment. However, if your doctor suggests you a non-emergency procedure, then you can take a second opinion for reasons such as:
Unclear diagnosis
Having different medical problems
Dealing with life-threatening disease
The treatment recommended is risky, experimental and not trustworthy
If you’ve lost confidence in the primary healthcare provider
A second opinion is required for your kind of health plan
Your body is not responding to the current treatment procedure
A treatment without much treatment options
Treatment plan which constitute of a clinical trial\
Treatment procedure that involve surgery as the main procedure
A second opinion is necessary for a patient who is not certain about the treatment procedure. Not all doctors know every possible procedure for all conditions or treatment procedure with less side-effects. If you’re going for a second opinion, it is better to go to a doctor with similar or more skills and qualifications of the primary doctor. Always consider to check out with an expert of your disease. Sometimes, your primary doctor can suggest about someone to consult with. Most doctors know the importance and right of the patient to seek a second opinion. Hence, you’ve to be straightforward and honest to the doctor from whom you’re seeking for a second opinion. If you’re going for a second opinion, then you’ve to provide pathology report, proposed treatment procedure, severity of the disease, and patient’s physical and mental condition. The doctor has to discuss about his/her opinion with the primary doctor and patient. Some opinions are provided only after a detail review and conducting discussions with a team of experts. Second opinion helps the patients to decide on the suitable treatment for their conditions.