Benefits of Massage

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Massage therapy provides both physical and emotional benefits. Massage therapy can be included in your health plan to improve your overall well-being. Massage therapy was followed by many cultures in ancient days such as Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks. It was known from ancient days that massage therapy can treat different ailments without any side-effects. Massage is performed on the soft tissues of the body to increase the motion and for maintaining flexibility of muscles. Massage helps to correct posture related pain and muscle stiffness without the intake of medicines. Some of the benefits of massage therapy are:
Reduces stress related problems
Emotional problems or stress can cause physical problems. When the patients have a stress-relieving massage, it helps them to reduce the stress of work pressure and anxiety caused by job or other reasons. Massage therapy energizes the patient mentally, which improves both mental and physical performance of the individuals. Massage therapy reduces the cortisol level, a stress hormone that results in lowering of blood pressure. Massage increases the production of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, that helps to reduce depression.
According to clinical studies, massage can greatly help in reducing chronic pain of lower back and neck. It also helps to reduce the pain caused by osteoarthritis and labor pain of expected mothers. It reduces the pain caused by muscle sprain or muscle spasm.
Massage therapy improves physical symptoms of cancer patients. After massage therapy, the cancer patients will feel relaxed and show hope to continue the life as a completely new person. They will develop positive attitude toward the disease, and overcome depression and anxiety caused by the treatment. Light and relaxing massage is safe for patients at different stages of cancer. To avoid any kind of pressure or discomfort around the treatment sites, massage will not be performed on the affected part.
Helps to deal with sport injuries
Sports activities and exercise programs may cause muscle injuries. These muscle injuries can be cured by massage therapy. The massage therapy makes the muscle flexible and allows it to eliminate toxins. The people can recover from the muscle injuries by loosening the muscles that are tightened. By loosening the stiffened muscles, it increases the mobility of the body parts.
Encourages sound sleep
A massage will help you to promote sleep. Most people get sleep while performing massage on them. Sound sleep helps the individual to achieve a healthy mind and body.
Corrects the body posture
As the massage therapy eliminate muscles stiffness, it improves the body posture automatically. Working class are suffering from posture problems that caused by their job requirements and posture problems related to job can be treated with massage.
Headaches and migraines
Headaches and migraines can be treated with massage therapy. Massage therapy reduces the frequency of headaches and migraines. According to a research study, it is found out that massage performed for 30 minutes decreased the pain caused by migraines and tension headaches. The massage will trigger the cervical points that stimulates the nervous system to reduce the pain in patients with headaches. A massage therapy helps in decreasing the mental tension, persistent pain and anger.