Rolling massage tables can often be found at chiropractor’s chambers. These are special types of massage tables with movable bars that roll up and down your back. The usage of these tables is widespread in the modern chiropractic care. Careful and efficient use of these tables can give you freedom from topical back pain, spinal subluxation and chronic back pain.

What Is A Rolling Massage Table:

At a cursory glance, it might come across as a standard massage table but there is more beneath the surface than you might assume. These tables contain motorized roller bars. When a person sleeps on his back, these bars can move up and down his back at various speeds. The speed and movement can be controlled by the chiropractor as per requirement.

Apart from bars that roll up and down, the table also introduces vibrations at different levels. When used carefully, these vibrations can help in subsiding or treating back pains, easing up the spine and helping in removing spinal subluxations.

How It Is Used?

Usually, a roller massage table is either used after a spinal adjustment or to take care of long-term back issues. The massage table is designed in such a way that it can be controlled to impart different types of massages such as the popular and effective “Shiatsu massage”.

Intersegment traction is another important aspect of spinal adjustment which is taken care of perfectly by these massage tables. The rolling bars or rods are able to lift and separate each of the spinal segments. In the process, subluxations are effectively reduced or removed from the spinal system.

The Benefits Of Roller Massage Tables At A Glance:

  • Automatic back and spinal relaxation.
  • Added in-built vibration to further soothe and correct the spine.
  • Relief from spinal subluxation.
  • Effective use of massage techniques like the Shiatsu massage and Intersegment Traction.
  • Great for taking care of chronic back pain.
  • Does not involve manual adjustments by the chiropractor.
  • Some models come with infrared heating features that improve blood circulation even further.
  • No need to take of your clothes. Just lie on your back and get massaged.
  • Provides fast improvement. A 10 minute session on this table is equivalent to more than half an hour of manual adjustments.
  • Can be used at home too.
  • Can be used as a great stress buster after a long day at work.
  • Wide enough so that you can lie comfortably for your own automated massage session.

When Roller Massage Tables Should Not Be Used By Yourself:

  • Without the chiropractor’s suggestion.
  • If you have excruciating pain or chronic pain in your back. In this case first your chiropractor needs to assess the condition and suggest you the proper usage of the table. Otherwise it can worsen matters.

If the benefits of the roller massage table has taken you by surprise then you should know that it is a widely used chiropractic tool that has been providing great results to patients of all ages. You can consult with a Wesley Chapel Chiropractor and start reaping the benefits of using a roller massage table regularly.

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