Our feet are the one necessity that we cannot thank God enough for. They also happen to be the most neglected part of the body which is why everyone, at least once in their lives,   has suffered from foot pain. According to a poll done by the American Podiatric Medical Association, half of the American working force has missed at least a day at work due to foot pains. It is the feet that bear the whole body weight hence leg pains can easily occur under different circumstances.

If you take a close look at the feet, you will be overwhelmed by the design. With more than 100 parts functioning and 26 bones working along with the ligaments, tendons and muscles, these two small structures are forming support and balancing the weight of the body continuously. Even the force during your normal walking is very strenuous. While walking we end up putting 1.5 times of our weight on the feet and on an average we log 1,000 miles each year. Our feet work as shock absorbers and cushion up to one million pounds of pressure in one hour of exercise.

Orthotics Are The Solution:

Foot problems caused due to extensive pressure can be cured with shoe inserts known as orthotics or custom foot supports. Orthotics are customized medical devices that can be inserted in your shoes and help you correct your abnormal pattern of walking. However, these shoes have to be prescribed by a physician in case you are having pain in your feet, require support, need to prevent a foot deformity or just need better positioning.

As they are custom-designed, they fit much better than the OTC (over-the-counter) arch supports which do not balance your biochemical inadequacies as well. Though most find arch supports them adequate some people may find them too low or too high or just uncomfortable.

Orthotics are used for many feet related issues of which the most common are a Plantar Fasciitis which is commonly known as heel and arch pain, shin splints, lower leg tendonitis and knee pains like Chondromalacia patellae or runner’s knee. To create a personalized orthotic, first your leg is scanned or casts of your feet are obtained. The exact measurements of your legs and limbs are also assessed for the same. They are designed keeping your medical condition in mind.

Now you would not wear an eyeglass that was not prescribed for you and neither should you take OTC for a problem that needs only prescribed solution. Your health is your gem and you will want to take care of it. Similarly, you should be very careful about which orthotics you take (in case you choose the OTC ones) because most of the orthotics supports only one of the arches causing the pain to shift to the other. A customized orthotic will support all three interconnected arches also known as the plantar vault.

Many people think orthotics are only for athletes, which is true as they have got the requirements for orthotics but even non-athletes can use them. The slightest imbalance in the feet can affect not just your posture but your entire body. Orthotics helps you in many ways and using them is mandatory if you are having problems that can be cured by using orthotics.