Millions of people run a marathon all over the world and it has actually become a fad for some people. Some may do a 5k run or a 10k run and some still go beyond these distances, before crawling into their local Tampa chiropractor’s office. But the surprising evidence reveal that running a marathon can be bad for your health especially so if you do it too much.

What Marathon Running Leads To

Marathon running is considered a vigorous exercise and may extend for hours. Running for hours repeatedly over the years can lead to problems relating to the cardiovascular system. A specific damage is stretching the heart muscles causing micro tears in the muscle fibers and subsequently permanent heart muscle damage.

The damage that happens in the heart may be evident even during your first marathon run. The good thing is, it returns to a normal state within a week. However, true damage happens when you continue to run a marathon over the years causing build-up of heart muscle damage wherein the body cannot sufficiently manage. When the damage is repeated these micro tears in the muscle fibers can lead to stiffness and permanent scarring.

Aside from the micro tears in the muscle fibers, evidence suggests leaking of certain enzymes in the heart muscles during a vigorous exercise. This may lead to permanent muscle damage in the form of anaerobic metabolism. When the heart is overworked and looses a consistent supply of oxygen, it releases lactic acid and other enzymes that indicate muscle damage. While marathon running may not directly lead to blocking of the arteries in the heart, the presence of enzymes in the heart membranes manifest the development of micro trauma to the heart muscles.

In time, this heart muscle damage can reduce the functioning of the heart. The healthy muscle fibers then would work double time to compensate with the functional loss. This now would eventually lead to changes in the size of the muscles and may lead to heart enlargement as a form of compensatory mechanism.

What the Doctors Say

Doctors and fitness experts recommend regular exercise as a means of improving fitness and preventing certain cardiovascular diseases. However, experts recommend vigorous exercise to be done at most 50 minutes in a day. In a marathon run, the vigorous exercise may extend beyond fifteen minutes giving undue tension in the heart especially when done regularly (let’s say three times a week). In addition to this, marathon runners tend to overdo things such as running a marathon everyday throughout their lifetime or running longer distances as they progress with their marathon training giving the heart more stress and reason to be damaged.

What’s wrong about marathon running is the distance and excess effort you give in every run.  While it is good to exercise, anything in excess may not be good for the body. So if you are thinking of doing a marathon run, keep your distances short and workout at most 50 minutes in a day to ensure that you are not running to the finish line of your life.