Chiropractic care is a form of health maintenance that focuses on maintaining a healthy spine, nerves and overall neuromusculoskeletal functioning. It has proven its effectiveness in managing and preventing several ailments and it has also been used during pregnancy to maintain wellness during the prenatal and antenatal stages making it beneficial both for the mother and the baby. So is it safe to visit your local Tampa chiropractor while pregnant?

What Does Chiropractic Care Involve During Pregnancy?

Much like the care given to non-pregnant individuals, chiropractic care during pregnancy involves spinal manipulations as well as stretches and exercises that are needed by pregnant women. During pregnancy, several complaints in the form of postural problems, pelvic changes and lordosis are managed well through chiropractic care.

Postural problem is a primary concern during pregnancy. The increasing weight of the abdomen gives tension on the lower back or lumbar area leading to back pains especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. What chiropractors do is to remove spinal subluxations that may be causing the lumbar pains and ensures that the spine is not misaligned. The nervous system is the master of all organs. When spinal subluxations are managed, it promotes better functioning of all the systems for a healthier fetal development and maternal health.

Aside from proper spinal alignment, chiropractic care also aim at maintaining pelvic stability. The pelvis will usually adapt to the growing fetus making it more at risk to misalignments. When the pelvis is misaligned, it may lead to intrauterine constraint giving less room for the fetus to develop and pass through during normal delivery. When there is little available room for the baby to develop, it may also lead to a breech presentation making it difficult for the mother to deliver normally. In this line, chiropractic care aims at correcting pelvic problems to promote a normal delivery possible.

Moreover, chiropractors provide exercises and stretches for pregnant women to aid in the relief of common complaints such as back pains, leg pains and muscle cramps.

All of these mechanisms in chiropractic care during pregnancy leads to benefits such preventing cesarean delivery, relieving pregnancy-related back pains, reducing the time of labor and delivery, and minimizing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy for an overall healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Is Chiropractic During Pregnancy Safe? 

Chiropractic care is generally safe during pregnancy and being pregnant is not a contraindication of chiropractic care. In fact, chiropractors are especially trained to cater to the needs of pregnant women to ensure a healthy and pleasant childbearing experience.

Chiropractic care also involves a surgery and medication free management, which is best for pregnant women who are very sensitive to the effects of drugs and surgery. In addition to these, chiropractors also use special treatment tables to prevent undue pressure and tension on the abdomen.  Chiropractors also ensure that unneeded manual pressure is avoided over the abdominal region.

If you are pregnant and would want to discover what chiropractic care can do for you, contact your trusted chiropractor for more information and for a more personalized management plan for you and your baby.