Thousands of people all over the world stand for long hours during their work. In fact, most of these people stand on their feet practically from morning until the afternoon. The result? They suffer from overuse injuries in the different parts of their bodies with neck pains and back pains as their most common complaints when they go to visit their local Wesley Chapel chiropractor.

Aside from employees, you may also suffer from the effects of standing for long hours from time to time. Let’s say you are caught in a long line in the supermarket or you have to wait for the train or bus. You don’t have to suffer the effects of standing for long hours because you may employ certain measures to lift off the stress in your body while standing. The following are the tips for standing for long hours:

  1. Use mats if you really need to stand for long hours
  2. If you are working in a factory that require you to stand longer, you might as well use your own floor mat in your work area. Hard concrete floors are the least conducive floors for people who stand. Reduce the tension in your feet by placing mats in the form of rubber, carpet or cork.
  3. Use a supportive footwear
  4. Standing for long hours using non-supportive shoes doubles the negative effects of standing longer. Supportive shoes have shock absorbing features, adequate cushioning and a breathable interiors to make your feet comfortable. When the feet is adequately supported, it carries the weight efficiently minimizing strain on the knees, hips and back.
  5. Wear antiembolic stockings
  6. If you really need to stand for longer periods, you might as well get an antiembolic stockings for personal use. These stockings prevent stasis of blood flow in the legs and prevent leg edema and other circulatory problems related to impairment in blood flow in the legs.
  7. Do some exercise – Another tip if you stand for long hours is to do some exercise to make the body more adaptive to tension while standing. You may employ the following exercises:
  • Squats. Find a bench or a chair and grab the edges. Slowly squat for ten times to relieve spasms on the feet. Leg stretching. While standing, extend your right leg forward and flex your feet so the toes are pointing towards you. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

These are some of the most essential ways to avoid overuse injuries if you stand for longer periods. You may also take some time to go to a chiropractor to detect and manage problems associated with standing for long periods.