Have you been using machines for workouts and ever wondered if free weights are more beneficial for your exercise? Or have you been using free weights and have been observing those using exercise machines in the gym? What would be the most effective way to achieve goals? Both machines and free weights offer advantages and disadvantages and the key to achieving your exercise objectives is to determine, which equipment is right for you. The following outlines the pros and cons of machine workouts and free weights, which you can use to decide on the best routine for your goals. You can even get tips on your form from your local Land O Lakes chiropractor.

Machine Workouts

Machine workouts are best for beginners since they provide routines that target a specific muscle group. They can be very convenient for those who are just starting in their workouts and provide an unintimidating way to perform exercises. Other advantages include:

  • Provides faster workouts

Using machines, you can perform several workouts using several machines to target specific body parts faster than using free weights. Machine workouts also provide a step by step way to develop target muscles and reduce confusion that is usually experienced by beginners who use free weights making you achieve development of target muscles faster.

  • Easier to use

Machine workouts are relatively easier to use than free weights because of the predefined steps and body parts to target. They are usually self-operated and do not need an exercise instructor for you to effectively carry out the routines.

  • Reduces risk for injury

Machine workouts develop predefined muscle groups and allow conditioning of specific muscles; thereby, preventing exertion and wrong use of other muscle groups, which you can experience when you perform exercises using free weights incorrectly.

Despite the advantages of machine workouts, they can offer setbacks especially for those who need a more holistic way of developing their muscles. Machines only cater to specific muscles so you may need to use several machines to cater to other muscle groups.

Free Weights

The drawbacks of machine workouts become the advantages of free weights. Free weights are best for advance training because using free weights allows you to cater to various body parts at the same time depending on the routine you are going to perform. Aside from this, it also offers other advantages such as:

  • Helps develop the core effectively

When using free weights, most of the muscles work to provide stability and balance. In this line, it is more effective in developing the core unlike machines that provide segmental workouts.

  • Provides advanced routine for advanced trainers

Using machine workouts are for beginners while free weights are for training experts who require more advanced routines. Free weights allow modification in workouts; hence, provide more in depth training for those needing it.

Since free weights offer “freestyle” workouts, beginners may not be able to use them optimally because free weights require advanced techniques and procedures. Free weights also pose more injury for those who employ the routines incorrectly. In this line, free weights are not recommended for beginners or those who are just starting with their quest to achieving fitness.

Whether or not machine workouts or free weights are best lies on your level of proficiency in training and your exercise needs. It is also important to consult a professional fitness instructor or expert to help you develop a training plan that is right for you.