Your local Lutz chiropractor will be quick to tell you that water is a basic need and we can’t deny the fact that next to oxygen, water is one of the most important compounds that our body needs. Without water for a couple of days, our bodies can undergo various changes that may be detrimental for our health and one of these changes is dehydration. The human body is composed of two thirds water and major organs such as the lungs, brain and blood is composed of as much as 95% water. These compositions alone indicate that the absence of adequate hydration can disrupt the normal processes of the body, which can lead to illness and even death.

A reduction in the hydration of the body can lead to various symptoms of dehydration such as excessive thirst, confusion, trembling, poor skin integrity, poor circulation and disruption in memory. A further decline in body fluids can lead to circulatory collapse, shock and eventually coma. All these effects of dehydration are attributed to the role of water in the body’s circulation and overall functioning and the decline of which can affect all the important processes in the body. Specifically, water is important for the body due to the following roles of water in the human anatomy:

  • Water flushes out toxins in the kidneys

Water allows the toxins to circulate and to be transported to the kidneys for elimination. Without adequate hydration, toxins such as urea may accumulate in the blood leading to circulatory and neurologic manifestations.

  • Water improves digestion and absorption of nutrients

Aside from the urinary system, the digestive system also benefits much from proper hydration. Fluids especially water helps in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. After which, it also improves elimination through the prevention of constipation.

  • Water maintains the integrity of cells

Generally, water is also needed by all the cells in the body. Adequate hydration makes the cells healthy inside and out contributing to general wellness and a younger looking skin.

  • Water aids in weight management and metabolism

Water is also an important material for achieving an ideal body weight. The intake of water during meals helps reduce total calorie intake because it fills you up fast without ingesting high-caloric food items. Moreover, water also regulates metabolism in general giving you a healthier way of losing weight.

  • Helps reduce exercise-induced complaints

Exercise can make you feel thirsty and sore. Water helps you regain adequate hydration during exercise and replaces lost electrolytes. It also helps prevent exercise-induced muscle soreness because it helps move out toxins from the muscle cells.

  • Water regulates the body temperature

Dehydration can lead to high grade fever that can reach up to 42 degrees Celsius to the point of heat stroke. The intake of adequate amount of water in a day helps you maintain normal body temperature and helps prevent heat stroke during intense heat.

  • Water is essential for the movement of bones and joints

The joint is also composed of fluids as a form of lubrication for easier and smoother joint movement.

  • Water transport nutrients all over the body

The blood, which is 85% water in composition, is responsible for the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the cells for various bodily processes.

All of these are the importance of water to overall health so maintaining adequate hydration every day is an important step to achieve a better sense of well-being. For adults, at least 8 glasses of water daily is recommended and children may benefit maximally with at least 4 to 6 glasses of water as tolerated. Make sure to also get fluids from other sources such as fresh fruit juices and water-dense fruits.