Bodyweight exercises are techniques, which should not be neglected if you want to develop a strong core. Aside from providing total workout, they are also very convenient and cost effective because you won’t need exercise machines since your bodyweight serves as the tool for developing your muscles, and your local Tampa chiropractor can give you tips on proper form.

Bodyweight exercises can be added to your regular workout or you may use them alone for a great body. The following are the top ten bodyweight exercises that have proven to be effective in building a stronger core:

  • Regular pushups

If you are planning to perform bodyweight exercises, a good place to start is to use regular pushups first to condition your body. Pushups are definitely better than doing dumbbells and weights if you want a stronger core. Perform ten pushups everyday and you will be starting right on other bodyweight exercises.

  • One arm pushups

After mastering the regular pushup with both hands, start balancing with one arm to combine core training with stability training.

  • Handstand pushups

Pushups are good bodyweight exercises, but a handstand pushup is definitely a choice for a stronger core and excellent balance. First, you must be able to master a handstand with your feet against the wall. After which, you may start performing pushups in this position. All gymnasts are expert in handstands so if you want excellent balance and a strong muscle base like them, handstand pushups should be included in your routine.

  • Pull-ups

Pull ups are best for developing the shoulder muscles, biceps and lats. The parallel grip chin is an excellent recommendation for those who need more support as it is least stressful on the elbows and shoulders. Do at least twenty reps everyday for a stronger upper body.

  • Hand walking

Walking with your hands and not on your feet is not only good for your balance, but also for the rest of your body. It develops the arms and shoulders most specifically, but also cater to the gluteal and legs because you will need the help of your lower extremities to balance yourself. You can perform a handstand and move with your hands or you can rest your feet on a power wheel and start crawling.

  • Rope climb

As you go further with your bodyweight exercises, a rope climb should also be included in your routine. Climb a twenty-foot rope using your hands and body and you will definitely be developing all your muscle groups from the arms to the back and to the legs.

  • Crunches

For the perfect abs, nothing beats an excellent crunch for the abdominal muscles. Start with ten counts and progress to 20 when you don’t feel pain on your abdomen.

  • Side planks

Speaking of stronger core, side planks complete the development of the obliques, which are not targeted by other bodyweight exercises.

  • Leg back raise

For your lower limbs, a leg back raise can develop your gluts, hamstrings and calf muscles. To do this, lie on your abdomen on an exercise matt. Raise both your legs off the matt as high as you can. You will feel that your gluteal muscles will contract better as you lift your legs farther from the floor. This exercise may seem easy to do, but it is definitely one of the hardest bodyweight exercises that you will perform. Nevertheless, it provides you nice lower limbs for better fitness, balance and coordination.

  • Back bridge

To complete your bodyweight exercise, perform a back bridge where you bend your spine backwards until your hands touches the floor. Begin slowly and you must not have preexisting back injuries to prevent other damages.

These bodyweight exercises should be included in your exercise routine gradually. Starting your intensity on a high scale may not be able to provide you good results. Make sure to warm up and cool down adequately as these bodyweight exercises can be of high impact for your body.