Drinking water after a massage is a long recommendation of experts for many reasons, so bring a full water bottle to your next massage appointment at the Lutz chiropractor office. In fact, health care professionals and even massage therapists recommend drinking water after a massage to maximize the effects of the therapy.

The intake of adequate amount of fluids is generally beneficial to the body because of its actions for general health such as in the movement of water in the cells for hydration and aiding in normal urinary and digestive functioning. In massage, drinking water provides various benefits including aiding in the movement of harmful wastes in the body after massage and aiding in the hydration of muscles for optimum massage benefits. Specifically, the following are the reasons why you should drink liberal amounts of water after a massage:

  • Adequate hydration after massage helps move out toxins from the muscles

During massage, toxins and accumulated materials may be released in the muscles. This is especially true if you have undergone a deep tissue massage wherein deep strokes stimulates the release of salt, minerals and water from  the muscles creating waste products. Drinking water after a massage thereby helps regain muscle hydration while improving circulation to excrete the accumulated materials through the kidneys and eventually out of the system.

  • Adequate hydration after a massage helps clear out the lymphatic system

After clearing the muscles from the waste materials during massage, the unwanted materials will circulate to the lymphatic system for another phase of clearing the circulation. The lymphatics are responsible for transporting various wastes in the body for excretion. When it becomes blocked, it may lead to toxin build-up as well as infections. Drinking water in this line helps clear the lymphatic system for a healthier well-being.

  • Drinking more water helps prevent muscle soreness and aches after a massage

In some instances, a massage can lead to soreness. Drinking water is a good way to prevent muscle soreness because it prevents accumulated materials from building up in the muscles, which is the common reason for feeling body aches after a massage. Make sure to drink at least 2 glasses of water after a massage to reduce the likelihood of developing muscle aches hours after the massage therapy.

  • Drinking water promotes better muscle hydration

As stated above, a massage session can deplete the muscles with water by shifting the water from the muscle cells to the interstitial space. A massage, especially a deep tissue massage, can also be a form of muscle exertion and water and electrolytes may become depleted. In this line, drinking water can help regain proper cellular hydration to maximize muscle tone and strength after a massage.

Indeed, drinking water after massage is an important way to maximize the benefits of the therapy. In addition, it should be noted that drinking water before a massage is also beneficial to help the muscle cells get hydrated and relaxed for the massage therapist to reach deeper layers of the muscles. If you are going to a massage therapist, make sure to drink at least a glass of water before and after your session.