Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that involves the kneading of deeper muscle layers and other soft tissues, and of course it is available at your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor. It is a more intense type of massage therapy and benefits those who require more intense massage as in the case of shoulder aches, back aches and neck stiffness.

Deep tissue massage employs the same strokes as other conventional massage techniques; however, deeper and slower strokes are used to reach the deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. Deep tissue massage, in this line, provides more concentration on the areas of the body with too much tension making it a better way to massage people with chronic tension on their bodies.

Deep tissue massage works through relieving adhesions in the soft tissues. These adhesions or muscle knots are tender and hard areas of the muscles that signify stress and tension on the particular body part. With deep tissue massage, these adhesions are carefully and effectively broken to restore normal circulation and movement in the affected body part.

Unlike classic massage techniques, deep tissue massage is more inclined to provide therapeutic effects rather than a mere form of relaxation. Specific benefits of which include:

  • Relieves chronic muscle pains

Muscle pain is the most frequent reason for seeking deep tissue massage. Applying deeper pressure on the muscles reduces spasms and inflammation for an improved management of bodily pains. Moreover, deep tissue massage ensures a better way of preventing muscle tension for a better sense of well-being.

  • Helps hasten the recovery phase from injuries

Sports injuries, falls and even whiplash injury can be managed through deep tissue massage by directly providing pressure on the injured muscles for better circulation and faster recovery. When toxins are moved from the muscle more efficiently, the recovery of the injured muscles is also faster making deep tissue massage a regular endeavor of athletes suffering from muscle injuries.

  • Helps improve mobility

The breakage of the adhesions or muscle knots is an effective means of improving mobility in stiff areas in the body.

  • Aids in correction of postural problems

Relieving muscle knots and tension on the back also helps relax the shoulders and areas around the spine for better posture.

  • Relieves joint pains

Joint pains may also benefit from a deep tissue massage by relieving tension on the soft tissues around the joint.

  • Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure

Another excellent benefit of getting a deep tissue massage is it improves the circulation and eventually helps reduce blood pressure. Applying deep massage strokes helps relax the muscles, which eventually leads to better flow of blood in the underlying blood vessels and a reduction of blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension. There is also better flow of the lymphatic circulation, hence, a more effective way to release toxins from the body.

Deep tissue massage indeed offers a lot of benefits to its users. While it may cause discomforts during your visit to a massage therapist, the discomfort is usually transformed to relaxation and deeper stress reduction on the muscles. For an excellent deep tissue massage experience, visit a chiropractor near you.