Clients seeking chiropractic care commonly ask how frequent they should see their local Tampa chiropractor the first time they enter a chiropractic clinic. While there is no definite number for all people, certain conditions and complaints may require certain number of times to effectively manage the condition. For instance, a chronic low back pain may require more chiropractor visits than an acute back pain. Generally, there are certain criteria to determine the number of chiropractic visits that you need to make. These include:

  • Symptoms

The symptoms are the first considerations that your chiropractor will study to determine the number of visits that you need to make. For symptoms relief, most chiropractors may recommend 3 visits per week until the symptoms are relieved followed by more infrequent chiropractic visits as needed. Most clients report improvement of symptoms in as early as one week of chiropractic care. More visits may be needed when the there is an increased degree or depth of injury, presence of other co-morbid conditions and presence of chronic conditions.

  • The need for corrective treatments

In most cases, a corrective treatment such as wearing a brace is not needed following chiropractic care; however, some may need a long-term support to correct spinal misalignments and the like. In these cases, visiting a chiropractor for twice a week for 3 months may be the best option to maximize results. After this, another 3 months visit once a week may be employed to prevent reoccurrence of the condition and ensure an optimal recovery.

  • Maintenance

For those who have improved their condition or those who only need maintenance care for the purpose of improvement of general well-being, 2 to 3 times monthly visits is optimum. Maintenance care from chiropractors usually aim at preventing injury, increasing performance, improving sleep, improving range of motion and the like. Visiting the chiropractor regularly will help improve overall functioning and a sense of well-being.

A general rule in determining the number of chiropractic visits is having the correct diagnosis for your condition. If you are experiencing some complaints, make sure to visit your chiropractor and participate in the assessment of your condition to determine your exact complaint. Physical assessment and history taking may be taken to specifically diagnose your condition. Certain diagnostic tests may also be performed for more accurate results.

Aside from a prompt diagnosis, patients seeking chiropractic care should also carefully assess their symptoms. Once the symptoms are relieved, it is important to report it to your chiropractor to adjust the frequency of your chiropractic visits until you feel optimum recovery.

Finally, as long as patients keep coming for chiropractic care, the number of visits is infinite. There are certain people that even with no apparent complaint; they still seek chiropractic care because of improved life conditions such as improved sleep and eating patterns. Chiropractic care including physical therapy and massage are not only for those who have present injuries and complaints. You can visit your chiropractor for preventive and wellness purposes. For more accurate determination of how many times you need your chiropractor, consult an expert chiropractor in your place.