BioFreeze is a topical analgesic commonly used for the relief of sports-related injuries, muscle soreness and joint pains such as arthritis. It is similar to cold packs in which it provides cold therapy to numb the painful area and provide pain relief. Because of its pain relieving properties, it is often used by physical therapists, you local Land O Lakes chiropractor, sports enthusiasts and massage therapists as a basic remedy for pain.

How Does BioFreeze offer Pain Relief?

BioFreeze produce its pain relieving action through the action of cold therapy. When the gel is absorbed by the skin into the sore muscle, it provides a cooling sensation and numbs the underlying nerves. When this happens, it creates a temporary, yet fast relief of pain to its users. Aside from the cold therapy that BioFreeze provides, it has the following advantages making it one of the top topical pain killers available:

  • It is non-greasy and non-messy

BioFreeze is very convenient to use and can be applied before going out of the house because it does not give you a messy and greasy feeling on the skin. It can be applied just before you go out to offer longer pain relief in local areas of the body.

  • It is easily absorbed

BioFreeze is also absorbed better in the skin giving you fast pain relief results.

  • It provides fast and long lasting-effect

BioFreeze offers pain relief as long as five hours from application. Not only is it long-lasting, but it also provides its pain relieving effects faster in as little as minutes of application.

What are the Ingredients of BioFreeze?

The main mechanism of BioFreeze is attributed to its ilex component. Ilex is an herbal extract that is used for centuries for it various healing features especially for pain relief. Ilex is also combined with camphor and menthol for a more lasting and faster cold therapy effect when they are absorbed by the skin.

Availability of BioFreeze

BioFreeze is available in various preparations to cater to specific pain relief needs of people. The widely used preparation is the gel form, which is rapidly absorbed by the skin and offers pain relief for as long as five hours. Being in gel form, it is not messy and not greasy compared to other topical analgesics making one of the highly sought topical pain killers. Aside from the gel form, it is also available in spray form and roll on preparation to be used in other parts of the body. The roll-on form is the most convenient preparation of BioFreeze as you can directly apply the gel. It is also especially useful for trigger points since you can press it against the painful point of the body and stimulate the trigger points for better pain relief. The spray form is best for hard to reach areas such as the back.

BioFreeze is indeed the most convenient topical analgesic that you can use. BioFreeze is highly recommended by pain relief experts. If you want to know more about Biofreeze, contact your local chiropractor for professional advice.