Lower back pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint in the Land O Lakes chiropractor’s office. In fact, three out of five of the adult population around the world experience back pain either intermittently or on a regular basis. Lower back pain is commonly a result of a wrong lifting technique, a muscle strain over your back muscles or a result of poor posture. Knowing these common causes, lower back pain is usually a result of straining the muscles at the lumbar area making it an easily manageable condition. To relieve lower back pain, the following are the top 5 home remedies that you can employ:

  • Icing

Putting ice on your back after a long day of work minimizes the inflammation in your muscles. This is a good way to relieve lower back pain especially if it’s your first time to feel an ache in your back since you are still dealing with an acute muscle strain. After which, you may place a warm compress after 48 hours to allow muscle relaxation and prevent muscle spasms.

  • Stretching

If you feel lower back pain, the tendency is your muscles are not flexible enough to handle stress making them ache. Stretching allows for improved flexibility and it is also a good way to relieve muscle pain because it relieves spasms and muscle tightness. Employ stretching exercises that especially cater to your lower back. A good lower back stretch is the touch your toes exercise. Do this while sitting on the floor and reaching your toes without bending the knees. You can also do it standing, but make sure not to stretch further if you already feel pain. Most importantly, hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds to make the muscles more adaptive.

  • Employ proper posture

Lower back pain usually results from muscle strain and from poor posture. When sitting, make sure that your back is supported adequately by a firm backrest and maintain the natural curves of your spine. Never slouch or drop your shoulders because these increase the workload of your lower back muscles.

  • Use a firm mattress for sleeping

If you have back pain and keep on using hard or even very soft mattresses, chances are, your back pain might get worse. Hard surfaces prevent your spine especially your lumbar vertebrae to assume its normal posture while very soft mattresses make your lower back sink on the mattress overtime leading to tearing of ligaments and tendons on the lower back while you sleep. A firm mattress supports the normal curves of your vertebrae and also prevents further injury for faster relief from back pains.

  • Self-massage

At home, you can also give yourself a massage using massage rollers or water bottles filled with warm water. Lie on a mat or carpet and place the warm bottle at the level of your lower back. Firmly roll your back over it to allow the heat to relax your muscles.

If your back pain persists longer than a couple of days using conservative treatments, you are most likely suffering from a musculoskeletal condition such as a herniated disc or a pulled tendon. In this case, consult your health care provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.