Chiropractors are well-known for managing a variety of conditions involving the spine and the rest of the musculoskeletal system, but did you know that your local Tampa chiropractor can also help you with your allergies? The next time you sneeze or feel an itch in your skin, it’s probably a good time to visit a chiropractor near you.

Chiropractic care has been very popular in managing back and neck conditions, but this same surgery-free and medication-free treatment can also provide optimum health and helps the body perform at its peak. This is the reason that chiropractic care can also be a good management for other conditions including allergies.

The Mechanism of Chiropractic Care in Managing Allergies

Many will not think about visiting a chiropractor when they have allergies, but growing evidence is showing that the nervous system may have a direct link with the immune system, in which allergies are related. Chiropractors focus on managing subluxations and interference in the nervous system in order for the immune system to function optimally, reducing the risk for allergic reactions.

The immune system works by preventing infections and diseases. When a foreign body or a pathologic microorganism enters the human body, the immune system works by removing these potential stressors through a series of events such as inflammation, production of white blood cells and others. The immune system is also responsible for the response of the body in the presence of dust, pollens, stings and other forms of allergens and when the immune system fails, it can lead to the following effects:

• The body is unable to ward off infections
• The body is unable to detect and eradicate abnormal cells such as malignant or cancerous cells
• The body may become depressed more leading to further lowering of the immune system
• The body reacts to allergens more leading to allergic reactions

When the body overreacts to pollens, bee stings, pet dander, dust, medications and food proteins, this may result to allergies, which is one of the most uncomfortable feelings because of itchiness, sneezing, redness of the eyes, swelling and sometimes fever.

Chiropractic care helps deal with allergies by helping the nervous system function optimally, which may result in better functioning of the immune system as well making it more effective in fighting foreign materials. These would now make it a more effective management for allergies because it addresses the main cause of the problem.

How is Chiropractic Care more effective than other Allergy Measures

Traditional allergy managements only provide symptomatic relief, but rarely act on the cause of the allergy. For instance, antihistamines only relieve allergic symptoms, but do not directly act on the immune system. This becomes the strong point of chiropractic care because it addresses the root cause in the immune system making it a long-term treatment for allergies. Moreover, chiropractic care does not lead to side-effects that you can get with antihistamines. A Canadian research showed that the intake of antihistamines may in fact cause cancerous cells to grow more making it an unsafe long-term allergy treatment.

So when you are experiencing allergies, seek chiropractic care to release stress in your nervous system and eventually make your immune system more effective in reducing allergic reactions.