Stand up desks are gaining popularity because of their advantages compared to using conventional desks that require someone to sit, and your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor actually uses one in his personal office. Stand-up desks have many benefits for the body due to its ergonomic features. If you want to know more about what stand up desks can give you, the following are the advantages of which:

  • Stand up desks allows workers to live longer

Stand up desks are not medicines or supplements, but studies have revealed that those who use stand up desks have longer life expectancy. This is achieved because stand up desks allows people to stand up more and sit down less. These desks make people more active and mobile, hence, prevents circulation problems that may lead to more serious health implications such as heart disease, hypertension and the like.

Comparing stand up desks with regular desk, desks that require you to sit makes you more sedentary contributing to fat accumulation in various vital organs of the body. Also, sitting down longer may lead to loss of muscle tone and overall loss of muscle strength. In this line, getting a stand up desk helps you to become more active preventing diseases and makes you live longer.

  • Stand up desks helps you burn more calories

Stand up desks also provide benefits for those who want to maintain fitness. Using a stand up desk, a person can burn up to 1000 calories in an eight hour work. This is relatively more than what you can burn when you work sitting down. Stand up desks can thereby benefit those who want to lose weight while working.

  • Promotes better well-being

When you move more, you also feel a lot better than sitting down the rest of the day. If you are working for 8 hours sitting down, then it is time to switch to a stand up desk to make you achieve the best well-being possible. Studies have seen that obesity and diabetes can be prevented through active lifestyle and one way to achieve this if you are working in an office is to have a stand up desk that will allow you to walk around your desk while working.

  • Improves posture

As opposed to the common belief that sitting down is more beneficial than standing in terms of posture, evidence shows that standing can actually help you prevent postural problems more than sitting down. This is due to the fact that sitting longer can make you slouch and have poor posture, whereas standing while working can help you become more conscious about your posture better.

  • Prevents circulatory problems

Spider veins, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis and hemorrhoids are some of the circulatory problems that you can have when sitting for long periods. All of these; thereby, can be prevented using stand up desks because frequent movement of the legs can help improve the venous return.

Indeed, stand up desks are beneficial for everyone. Nevertheless, also ensure that you rest by sitting regularly because standing longer can lead to negative effects such as leg and foot strain.