Have you experienced knee pain while squatting? Wondering why you feel that way? Knee pain is a common condition; however, if you feel knee pain while squatting, you might be suffering from one of the various conditions that lead to such and in need of a visit to your local Tampa chiropractor.

Squatting normally doesn’t lead to knee pain. In case you feel sudden pain in your knees, it can be the result of one of the following overuse knee conditions:

  • Arthritis

A common condition affecting the knees is arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition in the joints resulting from repetitive stress in the knee joint. This repetitive stress eventually leads to the significant wear and tear on the cartilage in the joints leading to inflammation, pain and sometimes loss of range of motion of the knees. Osteoarthritis can result from a variety of conditions such as being overweight, direct injury to the knees and family history. Osteoarthritis causes knee pain when squatting because the degenerated cartilage allows the two bones in the knees to come in contact with each other yielding to friction, irritation of nerve endings and subsequently knee pain when the knees are flexed during squatting.

  • Patellar Tendinitis

Another common cause of knee pain while squatting is patellar tendinitis or the inflammation of the patellar tendon. In patellar tendinitis, the tendon that connects the knee to the lower leg bone becomes inflamed leading to inflammatory signs such as pain, swelling, heat and redness. Overuse injury of the knee can lead to little tears along the patellar tendon contributing to significant pain.

  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is another overuse injury involving the knees. This condition especially affects the knee cap and the femur of the upper leg and usually results from exercise, sports and climbing of the stairs repeatedly. This condition involves the patella or the knee cap to come out of its groove in the knee joint leading to knee pain when the joint is flexed as it is in squatting.

  • Meniscus tears

Meniscus tear is the tearing of the tiny cartilage that connects the femur and the tibia or the shin bone. Meniscus tears are commonly a result of incorrect body mechanics such as in the case of twisting the knee when you had a wrong step during running or walking. Meniscal tears can begin with small tears, but can progress to more serious ones when the repetitive knee overuse activities are continued. In meniscal tears, the affected individual can sit and stand without difficulty, but pain develops or arises when one squats because of the considerable tear in the area during the said activity.

Knee pain while squatting may also result from fracture along the knee area, irritation of the iliotibial band and muscle tightness around the knees.

All these injuries can result in knee pain while squatting. Since squats normally do not lead to pain, any presence of knee pain should be referred to a physician or a chiropractor to determine the cause of the discomfort and to employ appropriate measures according to the cause.