At the end of the spring and when the sun is getting ready to provide everyone with the hot atmosphere, people usually get their pair of flip-flops to go to the beach or just stroll around. You barely see someone using their sneakers or their shoes on during summer, but can you blame people? Really, flip-flops are one of the most comfy and airy footwear that anyone can use, but these same cute footwear can be dangerous to your feet. Why? There are a number of reasons why you should be keeping those flip-flops during summer and wearing them into your Wesley Chapel chiropractor visits. And these include:

  • Gets the muscles on the legs to work harder causing leg strain

When you use your flip-flops, isn’t it that you need to curl your toes to grab the toe part of the slipper and make it stay on your foot? This is especially true if you have been wearing the flip-flops for hours and you suddenly feel strain in your toes and legs. The curling of the toes allows the muscles on the shin to contract more leading to leg strain.

  • Can lead to tendinitis

The curling of your toes just to grip the flip-flops also leads to tendinitis because the tendons in the feet work harder to keep the slippers in place. The absence of arch support can also lead to Achilles tendinitis.

  • Makes your feet “flat” overtime

Most flip-flops don’t have adequate arch and heel support making your feet turn inward overtime and contribute to flat feet even if you don’t have one. Without the heel support, your feet also slide down making your feet work harder just to make the flip-slops stay in your feet.

  • Promotes shorter length of strides

Because you aim at holding your flip-flops in place, you also tend to make shorter leg strides, which can put additional strain on the feet and legs.

  • Can lead to stubborn calluses

Let’s admit it, flip-flops are thinner than conventional sneakers and with these, you are more likely to pound your soles on the ground leading to hardening, drying and callus formation.  This feature of flip-flops also offers less protection in case you walk on rocky surfaces.

So do you really need to stay away from flip-flops? Fortunately, not. There are certain manufacturers who are now making their flip-flops feet-friendly to make these cute, but notorious footwear become healthier to use. If you are looking for the right flip-flops for summer, here are the things that you need to look for:

  • Heel and arch support- The flip-flops shouldn’t be barely flat, but should have a contour to support your soles, arches and heels.
  • Flexibility- Your next flip-flops should also be flexible, but not too much. If you are shopping, bend the slippers and make sure that the heel part touches the toe part when bent backwards.
  • Adequate thickness-The rubber used should be thick enough to prevent you from feeling the hardness of the ground and keep you from getting calluses.

Aside from these, make sure that you don’t use your flip-flops in activities that you should be wearing more supportive footwear. When running, hiking, walking long distances and the like, wear your sneakers or your rubber shoes instead of wearing those fancy and fashionable slippers.