Your triceps are one of the important muscle groups in your upper arm responsible for the strength of the upper limbs. Stretching them adequately can help improve the muscle tone and improve flexibility to prevent muscle strain, soreness and other types of muscle injuries. Whether or not you are working on your body and upper arms, stretching the triceps is an excellent way to maintain flexibility and reduce exercise-related injuries.
For triceps stretches, here are the possible ways to stretch those small muscles in your upper arm:

• Overhead triceps pull
This is a common way to stretch the triceps. Place your right arm overhead with the elbows flexed so that the forearm touches the upper arm. Use the opposite arm to grab the right elbow. Pull the elbow until pain is felt and maintain the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the steps on the opposite side as well.

• Arm pulls
Arm pulls help reduce muscle spasms on the triceps and also prevents elbow joint stiffness. You can do this stretch in a standing or a sitting position. Place your right hand under your left elbow to form a crisscross on your arms. Flex your right elbow and pull your left arm across your chest and downwards to pull your triceps. Pull further depending on your flexibility level.

• Wall stretch
With barely the use of the wall at home or at your office, you can employ a good stretch on your triceps muscles. Place your hands against the surface of the wall with the elbows bent at 90 degrees angle. Turn your upper body to the right side while moving closer to the wall. As you feel the stretch in your triceps region, maintain the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat on the left side.

• Arm raise
This specific stretching exercise is essential to develop both the triceps and the shoulder muscles. This is better done with a partner. Extend your arms in front and ask a partner to raise your arms as high as they can. If you don’t have someone with you, you can rest your hand on a mounted surface above your head. Slowly squat to feel the stretch on the upper arm.

• Side stretch
This is a variation of the arm pull wherein the pull is sideways instead of downwards. Extend one of your arms across the chest with the arm parallel to the ground. Grab the extended arm with your other arm at the elbow portion. Pull the extended arms sideways until a stretch is felt. Maintain the stretch for at most 30 seconds and release slowly. Repeat on the opposite side.

• Triceps reach
Place both of your hands behind your head as you clasp them together. The elbows should be pointed up the ceiling. Move or slide both of your hands down your nape up to your back as farther as you can. This exercise will help your stretch your triceps effectively.

Triceps reflexes are basically very easy to employ and you can easily perform them even at work. Take some time off your desk and stretch those triceps for added flexibility and strength.