TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder is a condition affecting the jaw joint leading to pain and reduced range of motion of the joint. TMJ rarely needs surgery and one of the most common treatment modalities for TMJ is chiropractic care. However, many people ask, “Can a chiropractor help with TMJ?” Well, TMJ does not focus on the spine itself, but chiropractors are proven to help with the condition.

Chiropractors are experts in skeletal manipulations and as much as they are expert in correcting spinal misalignments, they can also help those with other bone misalignments such as in the case of a temporomandibular joint disorder. Chiropractors are well-trained and their training involves various conditions that may affect the musculoskeletal system and even other systems in the body because of the simple fact that all body parts are connected to the nervous system.

How Can Chiropractors help Ease TMJ?
There are certain chiropractic techniques that chiropractors can employ to address TMJ. Specifically, these techniques can help address the following conditions associated with TMJ:

• Jaw pain
The most common symptom of TMJ is jaw pain as a result of problems in the temporomandibular joint. Chiropractic care can ease the pain by correcting the subluxations in the spine; hence improving the nerve impulse transmission from the nerves to the central nervous system. Chiropractic care can be used alone to reduce pain, but it can also be used as adjunct remedy along with other treatments. Chiropractors usually adjust the TMJ and subsequently relax the muscles around the joint to ease pain effectively. Chiropractic care is not only effective in easing the jaw pain, but can also prevent the pain from coming back, which is a common problem in TMJ disorder.

• Reduced range of motion of the joint
Another common symptom of TMJ that can be relieved through chiropractic care is reduced range of motion. Some people with the condition are unable to open and close the mouth effectively. Some may experience lock jaw when yawning contributing to more pain. During chiropractic care, joint manipulation can be employed safely and effectively to improve the motion of the jaw joint.

Aside from these, chiropractors can also employ trigger point therapy to relieve muscle knots around the jaw joint. A trigger point is a band of muscle fibers that is usually painful and tender. Using trigger point therapy, these muscle knots are removed to eventually relieve tension around the jaw joint.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for TMJ?
Most people are skeptical whether or not it is safe to visit a chiropractor for TMJ. As much as spinal manipulations are safe, chiropractic care for TMJ disorder is also safe and effective. Moreover, your chiropractor will employ complete assessment and diagnosis before employing certain treatments and manipulations to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate care for the condition.

Chiropractors ensure that you are relieved from TMJ even without surgery and medications. If you are considering conservative approaches for TMJ, visiting a chiropractor is an excellent step. Look for a credible and licensed chiropractor in your area to get relieved of TMJ in no time.