Shoulder pain is a common ailment felt by people using their shoulders too much such as lifting heavy weight and working in front of the computer for prolonged periods. Poor posture and limited physical activity can also lead to shoulder pain. While shoulder pain is a common complaint, it should never be overlooked because pain in the shoulders can affect the overall function of an individual.

Shoulder pain should never be neglected because it may be the start of a worsening poor posture and may lead to significant back pain. While some resort to using medications to relieve shoulder pain, there are several remedies that you can do at home to relieve your symptoms. Some of the effective remedies for shoulder pain include:

  • Application of heat

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, the most immediate remedy that you can do to reduce the pain is through the use of a hot water bag or a heating pad. Heat relaxes the muscles and shoulder pain usually arises because of stiff muscles along the area. Apply heat at least 15 minutes thrice a day or whenever pain appears.

  • Application of cold

Aside from heat, cold application can also help relieve shoulder pain especially if you are suffering after an injury to the shoulder area. Cold temperature relieves swelling and also minimizes pain fast by numbing the painful area.

  • Self-massage

Going to the spa for a massage is an excellent way to relieve shoulder pains. However, if you need that immediate comfort from shoulder stiffness and pain, you can actually do self-massage. Use the other arm to massage the opposite shoulders. Locate the tight areas and begin applying pressure with your fingers. If you have the luxury of time to go to a spa, you can also get a full body massage concentrating on your back for maximum results.

  • Exercise

Since the most common cause of shoulder pain is tight shoulder muscles, exercise can help increase the flexibility of the muscles and relieve tightness. A simple shoulder rotation exercise can actually do a lot in relieving your shoulder pains. You can also employ stretching exercises on the shoulder area to improve the flexibility further.

  • Use of essential oils

Several essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and others can also be used to relieve all sorts of muscle tightness including shoulder pains. These essential oils provide a soothing action in the muscles making the tight muscles relax more. Use essential oils when massaging your shoulders.

  • Rest

Rest is also an important remedy for shoulder pain since the most common cause of the pain is muscle tightness or spasms. Take time off from lifting heavy weight in your shoulders and other activities that may lead to shoulder strain.

  • Use of firm mattress

The shoulder usually suffers a lot when one uses inappropriate mattress. Using a firm mattress with adequate support to the back and shoulders can make a difference in the relief of shoulder pain.

If pain doesn’t go away, despite these remedies, seeking medical consult is deemed necessary because the shoulder pain may not be as simple as it seems.