A bicep strain is usually seen as a mild condition by people, which creates a bigger problem for the affected individuals. Since bicep strain may only involve some sort of pain and mild swelling, athletes usually work through the pain and employ various activities, despite the injury. Since affected individuals are not inclined to stopping any activity that they are doing, further injury is usually developed leading to longer recovery time.

A mild biceps strain can actually heal over a period of several days up to six weeks. However, because of improper managements and continuation of regular activities while in pain, the injury or tear on the bicep muscles can extend that can lead to a longer recovery time of up to 10 weeks.

Saying this, the recovery time for a bicep strain is usually based on the promptness of managements and rest. The earlier the managements are employed; the milder the injury becomes leading to a faster recovery time. Nevertheless, other factors affecting the recovery time for a bicep strain include:

  • Severity of the injury

Milder forms of injury that only involve the overstretching of the biceps muscle may recover in as little as 2 days following home remedies. More severe forms of injury that involves rupture of the bicep muscles can take a longer time to heal for at least 4 weeks. Other cases have reached a recovery time of longer than ten weeks because surgery for more severe cases requires additional time to heal.

  • Age of the person

The age of the person also dictates the recovery time. Basically, adolescents and adults may have shorter recovery time because of the action of the immune system. Children and elderly clients can have longer recovery period as they have more immature immune status to repair possible injury and inflammation. Children also have longer recovery time because immobilization during the acute phase of injury is more difficult.

  • Previous history of biceps I jury

When previous biceps injury already occurred prior to the bicep strain, it can take a longer time to heal as the bicep muscle already has suffered trauma before.

  • Health status of the affected individual

The health status can also play a vital role on the recovery from bicep strain. Healthy individuals can have lesser time to heal while sick individuals may have longer recovery periods. Also, under nutrition can affect the time of recovery from a bicep strain because certain amino acids and minerals may not be adequate to support the recovery of the muscles.

  • Extended rest

While rest is needed during the acute phase of injury, activities should be resumed after 2 days to help the biceps regain strength and flexibility. Extended rest can lead to poor circulation on the muscles and can lead to poor muscle tone yielding in a longer recovery time. Mild activities such as range of motion exercises should be started after 2 days of mild injury.

A bicep strain rarely results to disability; nevertheless, managements should be employed immediately as late managements may cause further injury or strain.

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