Triathlon is one of the most difficult sports that you are going to undertake because it requires a great deal of strength and endurance. Triathlon is a unique sport because it involves three events such as swimming, cycling and running. For beginners, triathlon may be a difficult race because you do not only focus on one event, which means that you also need to be flexible and adaptable.

Training for a specific event in any sports may be very exhausting especially when the sports event gets near. More so with triathlon because athletes don’t just need to train for one sport, but for three events that tend to come after the other. In this line, proper training and preparation is needed before any triathlon event.

A very good factor that should be included in your triathlon preparation is a good training plan plus a friend that will join in every activity. Your friend or any training partner for that matter increases your motivation to prepare yourself because of the support that they give.

In line with triathlon preparation, the following are important tips that you can employ for the three separate events.

Preparation for the Swimming Event
The swimming event is the most difficult for beginners because they tend to be less familiar with the event. In this line, training should involve increasing efficiency in swimming that will focus on improving the technique and speed. The following tips may help you develop efficiency in swimming:

• Train in open waters
Triathlon is usually conducted in open waters so practicing in a similar environment is best. In open waters, you tend to be used to the coming waves. During the swimming event, you must learn how to duck below the waves and use the time between each wave to do your strokes to increase your speed and avoid being pushed backwards.

• Practice using your hand for strokes more than your legs
Swimming may employ both arm and leg strokes; however, if you are joining a triathlon, you must save the energy and endurance of your legs for the cycling and running events.

Preparation for the Cycling Event

The cycling event is next to swimming and it is the longest part of the race. The cycling portion is the best time to replenish your energy so you will have all the energy for the next race. The following will be the essential steps to undertake when training for the cycling event:

• Increase your fluid and calorie intake during your cycling. In this way, you get replenished to get ready for your run.

• Employ aerobic exercises
During your training, you may want to add aerobics exercises to increase your cardiac tone and help you increase your endurance.

• Practice on changing the tires
During cycling, your bike may get punctured so it is important that you know how to change them as fast as possible.

Preparation for the Running Event

Preparation for the running event may involve practicing running with tired legs. Since the run is the last part of the triathlon, you may have reduced endurance and tired body while you do the run. In this line, you may opt to train using the following:

• Employ a back-to-back bike and run workouts.
This allows your body to adapt with the tension of running with tired legs. This also allows your muscles to adjust; thus helping you achieve the needed physical preparation for the event.

• Use smaller strides at start
After your cycling, you may run using smaller strides to allow the feet to adapt. After which, you may employ faster and longer strides as you get closer to the finish line. 

Since triathlon is a very tiresome event, you must also make sure that you have all the calories you need before the race starts.