If we think of high-calorie foods, we always think about the fatty meats, bunch of carbohydrates and chocolates. But what we don’t realize is that the simple dressings and condiments that we use every day are also high in unwanted calories. Not all sweet and savory additions are unhealthy and high in calories, but most of our favorite condiments include high amounts of oil, sodium, sugar and even syrup making them one of the foods that we should avoid.

Are you fond of eating chicken barbecue? Well, the skinless chicken may be healthy, but the additional sauce filled with sugar and oil makes it an unhealthy choice. You may also think about fresh salads as low in calorie, but once you drench it with dressings, then the low-calorie salad can become high in calorie too. So for you to check at the dressings and condiments that you need to avoid here are the numbers that will guide you which ones to cut off.

Condiments and Dressings at Breakfasts

• Butter-A tablespoon of butter consist of 102 calories. Most people use butter for their breads and we cannot just stop consuming a tablespoon of butter.

• Peanut butter- Peanut butter is also one of the staples at breakfast and two tablespoons of which contain about 190 calories.

• Maple syrup- Your favourite syrup in your pancakes contain 411 calories in ½ cup.

• Hollandaise Sauce- Hollandaise syrup also contain up to 60 calories per ¼ cup.

Condiments and Dressings at Lunch and Dinner

• Mayonnaise- Mayonnaise in your salad or any dressing contains as much as 90 calories per tablespoon. Besides that, it also contains 10 grams of fat in every tablespoon.

• Barbecue sauce- As I said earlier, skinless chicken for chicken barbecue is low in fat and calories; however, the barbecue sauce that you add contains around 95 calories per ¼ cup.

• Teriyaki sauce- Teriyaki sauce will contain about 50 calories in 3 tablespoons. During the process of preparing teriyaki sauce, loads of sugar is also added making it contains more calories.

• Ketchup- Ketchup may come from tomatoes and bananas, but it still contains 50 calories in every 3 tablespoons. Ketchup is also processed with high amounts of corn syrup consisting of loads of fructose.

• Sour cream- every 3 tablespoons of sour cream contains as much as 70 to 80 calories.

Condiments and Dressings for Snacks/Dips

• Tartar sauce-Tartar sauce in your chips contain as high as 80 calories per tablespoon so those are extra calories that you can get from your snacks.

• Vegetable dips- Spinach, onion, or any vegetable dips have more than 100 calories per two tablespoons.

Condiments and Dressings for Salads

• Vinaigrette- Vinaigrette contains more than 90 calories per serving. Using a serving in your salad may not be unhealthy, but using more than a serving can become packed with loads of calories.

• Ranch- Ranch contains the highest calories among salad dressings containing 148 calories per serving.

• Honey mustard- Honey mustard also contains high amounts of calories of about 120 per serving.

• Bleu cheese- Next to ranch, bleu cheese contains about 140 calories per serving.

These condiments and dressings contain the highest calories in their category. Finding a lower-calorie condiment or dip may be best. Hot sauce, olive oil and vinegar, mustard and guacamole are healthier choices for your dips and dressings.