The rays of the sun may provide health benefits such as the activation of vitamin D in the skin for better calcium absorption and better cellular functions. However, the same rays of the sun may actually damage the body, which may start on the skin causing certain types of skin damage such as sun burn, age spots and even skin malignancies. The sun’s rays contain harmful radiation in the form of Ultraviolet rays such as the UVA and the UVB rays. These harmful rays can be especially harmful to the skin, but not only can the skin be affected, but the other organs as well.

Among the organs, the eyes can suffer so many negative effects when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. The outer parts of the eyes can especially get damaged from the sun’s rays, but the internal parts such as the retina can also be affected. In this line, an appropriate protection for the eyes should be used when going out.

Sunglasses have been recommended by experts to be used to have a special protection for the eyes. Using wide brim hats may generally protect the eyes from direct sunlight, but sunglasses offer specific protection and benefits such as:

• Sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays
The UV light particularly damages the cornea, lenses and retina possibly leading to degenerative conditions such as cataract. Sunglasses protect the eyes from these UV rays to prevent degenerative effects on the sensitive eyes. Sunglasses with UV light protection may eliminate UV rays from passing through completely offering a 100% protection.

• Sunglasses prevents glare
Reflection of lights from surfaces such as water, mirrors and shiny objects may lead to blind spots causing impairment in vision. Polarized sunglasses offer protection from glare so you never get to be distracted by extreme brightness.

• Sunglasses reduces the amount of light entering the eyes
The amount of light entering the eyes needs to be controlled because too much light can damage the retina. When intense light reaches the eyes, the pupil usually constrict to control the amount of light. However, extremely bright lights from the sun can actually lead to retinal damage as the iris and the pupils can no longer regulate the amount of light entering. Sunglasses reduce the amount of light that enter the eyes by as much as 90%.

• Sunglasses enhance vision during certain conditions
Light can actually alter the contrast and the clarity of vision. In this line, sunglasses control the frequency of light so you always have a clear and well contrasted vision. Make sure to get good sunglasses with this feature.

Sunglasses are really beneficial for going outdoors in a sunny weather. However, not all sunglasses provide these benefits. Some sunglasses were made poorly and are not of good quality. So make sure to get a genuine brand or a high quality product to get the benefits of polarization, anti UV radiation and light refraction to protect your eyes like never before.