While doing your workouts or exercises, you might be wondering how much calories you are burning, how many steps are you making, how fast is your heart rate, how normal is your blood pressure and the like. These are the things that body activity monitors can do because they are especially designed to track your activities.

There are a lot of body activity monitors such as pedometers, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, calorie tracker and even apps in smart phones that can act as an activity monitor. While these gadgets are helpful, some can also be expensive so you really need to decide to purchase them or just continue with your exercises without them. Nevertheless, if you are undergoing fitness training and have a clear goal of losing weight or just becoming fitter, using body activity monitors are very beneficial. Once you begin using activity monitors along with your workout, you can harvest the fruits of your labor because of the following benefits:

• Make tracking easier
If you are cycling, jogging or walking, you wouldn’t count how many steps have you taken or how far have you reached because it is definitely taxing to be counting while exercising. Body activity trackers do the tracking for you as you do your exercise. Calorie trackers also track how much calories you have burned along with your exercise so you can determine how far you need to go to reach your goals for the day.

• Make evaluation more specific and objective
If you are trying to meet your objectives such as how many calories to burn in a day, how many steps to take and the like, body activity monitors help you evaluate at the end of the day if you have met your objectives; thereby assisting you on the intensity and duration of your exercise.

• Increase activity levels
Having pedometers can help you track your walking, but it is also the same device that motivates you to exercise more. Body activity monitors actually help you increase your level of activity according to studies because it makes you want to see more numbers as you do your exercise. In fact, a study conducted in 2007 revealed that body activity monitors increase the level of activity by 27%.

• They help reduce blood pressure
Studies also revealed that people who use monitors such as accelerometers and pedometers have better systolic blood pressure. This may be connected to the increased eagerness of people to train and exercise when they can track their activities and results; thereby yielding more beneficial health outcomes.

• Enhance performance
Body activity monitors also enhance performance specifically by athletes. For instance, accelerometers help track the acceleration of runners and cyclists.

• Make weight loss more effective
Aside from direct health effects, monitors also help people achieve a desired body weight and body mass index faster.

Aside from body activity monitors, other technologies used for exercising and working out include the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) that help calculate the geographic locations for outdoor activities such as cycling. Indeed, technology has made its way from helping people in their everyday activities. To help you in your workout and fitness activities, make sure to use body activity monitors consistently.