No one really suspects any car accident would happen, so it becomes very stressful for the one who experienced it. Not only reckless drivers may experience automobile accidents, but as well as the most careful drivers. Here are the following tips on what to do after an automobile accident


The first step in addressing car accidents is to prepare for the matter. A good preparation helps you deal with automobile accidents better. This will also prevent further injury if ever someone is injured for that matter. Preparation involves the following:

• Always carry early warning devices. This is important to alert other automobiles that an accident happened; thereby preventing more problems. Early warning devices may include warning triangles, set of traffic cones or warning flares.

• Always carry identification card with medical information in it. This ensures prompt and appropriate management by the emergency medical services once you or your family experience severe injuries.

• Always have emergency numbers with you. Ensure that you have the emergency hotlines such as medical services, police and other personnel for you to contact them efficiently in case of an automobile accident.

After the Accident

It is important that you know what to do immediately after the accident. In this way, you keep focus and ensure a fast response to you and your family in case you are with them.

• Always stay calm. Accidents are always stressful, but it is always best to remain calm and focused. Talk to the other party calmly, in case there is, to avoid more disputes from arising. If you had the accident on your own, always stay focused to know what to do next.

• First check the presence of injuries from head to toe. Recognize any pain or bleeding. However, there are some instances that you don’t feel anything following an accident because of intense anxiety. Check other people that are with you too. If you are in doubt if any injuries occurred, call an ambulance. While waiting for medical personnel, do the following:

• Place the injured people or yourself in a lying position on a sturdy surface or on the floor if you can, to stabilize your vertebral column.

• Position your head in a neutral position to avoid further affectation of the spine because automobile accidents usually cause whiplash injury on the neck.

• Apply pressure in any areas that are bleeding to control the blood from coming out. Use a cloth or just your bare hands if you have none (Although bare hands can increase risk for infections).

• If you sustained minor injuries only, it is best to move the car on a safer place away from traffic.

• Use the warning devices you have to ensure safety while you are at the side of the road.

• Call the police officers for documentation and assessment purposes. Even if the accident is only minor, getting the police to check on you is always best if you need to get your automobile insurance benefits.

In case that the accident is a major one, your health is the priority concern so you must undergo series of tests and treatments in a nearby hospital. The police usually take charge of your car, so you don’t need to worry on that. When you are already stable, you can ask your family to contact your insurance agent or you can do it yourself.