Becoming a Chiropractor - Wesley Chapel chiropractorIf you want to pursue a chiropractor career, you must first know the requirements for the profession as well as how long will you be taking the course. The length of the chiropractic profession usually depends on the country that you will be studying and practicing. Here, we discuss the different duration of becoming a chiropractor based on the top 3 countries that offer a chiropractic careers.

Becoming a Chiropractor in the United States

In the US, a student needs to finish a maximum of 8 years post-secondary course before becoming a licensed chiropractor. After high school, the student must first undertake at least three years of undergraduate degree in a university such as a Bachelor of Science degree. However, most students opt to complete their four-year undergraduate degree first. The undergraduate course or a Bachelor of Science course is usually needed to qualify for a professional license to practice.

Students may have the option to take an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree; however, they may find it more challenging to take a chiropractic degree because of the absence of background in sciences, which is essential in the chiropractic profession.

After the four years undergraduate degree, the next step to become a chiropractor is to undertake a three to four years course in a chiropractic college. To be able to qualify to become a doctor of chiropractic, the World health Organization requires a student to finish no less than 4200 hours in a chiropractic course. Some schools may offer a three-year chiropractic degree while some schools spread the course to four years. 

Becoming a Chiropractor in Canada

In Canada, the standard chiropractic degree after a four-year undergraduate degree lasts for four years that will include courses in anatomy, neuroanatomy, microbiology, cell biology, embryology, histology, biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, immunology, nutrition, pharmacology, pathology, functional rehabilitation, biomechanics, orthopedics, clinical diagnosis, radiology, radiography, nutrition, clinical education, ethics, research methods and other chiropractic principles. The fourth year of the course involves related experiences in the clinical setting.

In the US and Canada, before a graduate in a chiropractic college can practice the profession, he or she must pass a national board exams for chiropractors. After which, the person may already be given a license to practice as a chiropractor.

Becoming a Chiropractor in Australia

In Australia, the length of a chiropractic course is shorter than that in North America. A student must first finish an undergraduate degree in chiropractic sciences, which will last for 3 years. This three-year course is a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science course, which provides a good foundation on the sciences such as anatomy and physiology, biology, physics and chemistry. Included in the three-year course is the Chiropractic Principles and Techniques subject. After finishing the course, a graduate may not be allowed to practice as a chiropractor without finishing the two-year full-time Master of Chiropractic course. This course will allow graduates to gain proficiency, registration and professional recognition in Australia. Entrance to the Master of Chiropractic course requires a GPA not lower than 3.2 in the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science. Course in the Master of Chiropractic include peripheral orthopaedics, spinal orthopaedics, neurology, pharmacology, radiology, physical rehabilitation, nutrition, advanced clinical diagnosis, and others. All in all, a chiropractic course in Australia lasts for 5 years.

The length of time to become a chiropractor is essential because there is no room for any mistakes when you are dealing with life. The educational preparation of chiropractors ensures that they are competent and efficient in doing their tasks.

Rest assured your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor has gone above and beyond the required credentials to provide you with the best possible care.