Joint Bone Vitamins - Wesley Chapel ChiropractorThe development of bones and joints require some essential vitamins in order to achieve healthy skeletal system. Proper and adequate food intake is the main source of nutrients to help the bones and joints develop. In this line, there are specific vitamins that help the skeletal system develop and also prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis. The following are the vitamins needed for healthy bones and joints:

• Vitamin D
Vitamin D or calciferol is an essential vitamin that promotes calcium absorption in the gut and also helps in the regulation of the movement of calcium in the blood and bones. With Vitamin D, calcium is adequately absorbed in the intestines for use in various bodily processes. Calcium is very important because it makes the bones stronger and more compact. In this line, vitamin D helps the body use calcium for bone and joint health. Vitamin D deficiency in children usually leads to softening of the bones or rickets because of the lack of vitamin D to absorb and regulate calcium for bone growth. Vitamin D is primarily taken from foods, contrary to popular belief that we get it from the sun. Vitamin D rich foods include sardines, cod liver oil, salmon and tune. Vitamin D is also found in milk and other dairy products. The role of the sun in vitamin D usage is the UV rays activate vitamin D in the skin in order for vitamin D to be in active form for the body’s use.

• Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps remove the free radicals in the body responsible for the toxins and other diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In line with joint health, vitamin E acts as an anti-inflammatory remedy that inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, pain chemicals responsible for joint pain and inflammation. Studies show that patients with arthritis who were given vitamin E supplements had reduced pain episodes and improved functioning due to reduced joint inflammation. Vitamin E rich foods include tomatoes, wheat germ and nuts.

• Vitamin C
Vitamin C is responsible for the production and strengthening of the collagen matrix that is found in every cell of the body including the bones, cartilage and ligaments. Vitamin C helps strengthen the collagen in the bones and joints to help prevent fractures and bone infections. Also, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals and toxins from harming the skeletal system. Vitamin C rich foods include most fruits and vegetables that are brightly colored.

• Vitamin K
Vitamin K has also been observed to help maintain bone density to prevent incidences of osteoporosis. Vitamin K promotes the osteotrophic processes, which improve bone regeneration and also slow down the osteoclastic activities, which reduces bone degeneration. Vitamin K also reduces the activity of the bone-resorpting hormones of the parathyroid glands; thereby preventing the escape of calcium from the bones into the blood. Vitamin K is found in most green leafy vegetables.

These vitamins are all essential in the promotion of bone and joint health. Aside from the intake of these vitamin-rich foods, getting a vitamin supplement may also be good in conjunction with your visits to your Wesley Chapel chiropractor.