Pull-ups are one of the best strength training exercises that you can do to enhance your core muscles as well as arm muscles. Pull-ups makes use of the muscles at the arms, back and even the gluteal muscles to make your body leaner and muscles stronger. Well, as they say, the more pull-ups you do, the stronger your muscles become so your aim is to do as much pull-ups in your daily workout. Pull-ups can also be one of the hardest exercises that you can do so aiming for more pull-ups will be difficult without proper execution. To help you do more pull-ups, the following tips can be employed:

• Start with horizontal training planes
Before doing any vertical plane exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups, start with horizontal planes such as dead lifts. In this way, you condition your muscles in doing harder exercises in the form of pull-ups.

• Use your body weight and never use exercise machines
If you need to do more pull-ups on your own, make sure never to use exercise machines because they only provide you with a fragmented workout rather than a holistic strength training exercise. Also, an assisted pull-up machine assists your workout from start to finish so you never really develop your muscles efficiently.

• Start with chin-ups
Chin-ups are like pull-ups only that your palms are facing you. Chin-ups are significantly a lot easier to do than pull-ups (palms are facing away from you). Start by mastering chin-ups before gradually increasing your number of pull-ups.

• Use proper momentum
Drive your hips up for 5 pull-ups and return to the conventional technique using your arms and back after 5 pull-ups. In this way, you increase the number of pull-ups that you can do.

• Use a resistance band
Attach a resistance band in your knees to help you pull yourself up the bar. Resistance bands also reduce possible injuries and also help you tone your body holistically as opposed to assisted pull-up machines.

• Put pull-up bars in your home
This does not mean that you need to continue the workout at home, but it only helps you become used to pull-ups faster. As you pass through the pull-up bar, make sure to perform one pull-up or a chin-up. When you keep doing this every day, it becomes easier for you to do more during your actual workout.

• Gradually increase the reps
Begin with doing 10 sets of one pull-up and gradually increasing it until you are able to do 10 sets of five pull-ups. You really don’t need to rush anything because aiming to do more in a short period of time will just increase your chance of getting exercise injuries.

• Believe in yourself
As with any other exercise, believing in yourself that you can do it will help you do more pull-ups. Concentrate while doing your workout and focus that you can do it instead of thinking that you’re tired.

As much as we would want to increase the number of pull-ups that we can do, doing it properly and effectively is more essential than doing more incorrectly.