Reiki Massage - Wesley chapel chiropractorReiki is a Japanese healing technique that involves the laying of hands on people to produce relaxation and stress reduction benefits. It is also used by the Japanese for healing basing on the belief that Reiki balances the life force energy that flows in the body.

Life force energy is known as “Ki” in Japanese and a person with a low “ki” is believed to suffer from imbalances and illnesses. On the other hand, if your life force energy is high, you are more geared towards happiness and health. In this line, a Reiki Massage or therapy aims at increasing this life force energy. The work Reiki was coined after the word ‘Rei’ meaning the High Power or God’s Wisdom and ‘ki” meaning life force energy with a collective meaning of ‘spiritually guided life force energy’.

What Reiki Massage Involves

Reiki massage is a safe and natural method for both physical and spiritual healing. During the therapy, you feel a glowing radiance that flows around you that makes you feel wonderful inside you. A Reiki massage actually treats a person holistically from emotions, mentation, and spiritual as well as physical aspects making it one of the miraculous therapies that you can get.

In fact, it was seen to benefit everyone suffering from illness because of the good feeling that radiates from the inside, which helps hasten recovery and promote a feeling of balance and well-being.

Being safe and natural, Reiki massage can actually be used in conjunction with other therapeutic managements for a faster convalescence.

Reiki massage does not involve any instruments, but only uses blowing, looking, touching and light tapping on the surface of the body. Specifically, a Reiki massage provider or Reiki master massages, strokes, taps, blows and observes the person for some time to help the life force energy flow normally through the body. The increase in the life force energy is achieved by transferring the “ki” of a Reiki master or practitioner to the person being healed just by the touch of the palm. Reiki massage may be used for localized ailments as well as whole body treatment.

What to Expect during a Reiki Massage

During the treatment, the practitioner usually places the palms of the hand in various positions above the body. The hands are kept in a particular position for at most 5 minutes in all areas of the body from the head to the feet. The therapy may last from 45 to 90 minutes involving 12 to 20 hand positions.

How Can I get Reiki Massage?

Reiki massage cannot be sought from every massage therapist because learning Reiki requires a special training in Reiki class from a certified Reiki master. A provider of Reiki massage has been taught on the proper use of life force energy in order to provide benefits to other people.

Nevertheless, the use of Reiki is not dependent on the spiritual development and the intellectual capacity of people. In fact, all people may be able to learn Reiki and use it for self- healing and healing others. Also, you don’t need to believe in something just to benefit from a Reiki massage; however, people seeking Reiki massage should act in such ways that promote harmony with other people. Although Reiki is spiritual in context, it is not considered a religion; thereby, all sorts of people may get benefit from it.

If you need a Reiki massage, look for certified Reiki massage providers to harvest the benefits of increasing the life force energy inside you.