Standing desks have proven that using one is just more beneficial than having regular desk heights. While you stand while working, you tend to be more mobile preventing the risks associated with sitting for long hours.

Now that you have tried or known the advantage of stand-up desks, it is the best time to have your own stand-up desk. You can choose to buy or make your won stand-up desk yourself.

Buying one like the model seen in the video below can be expensive, so if you’re still on the fence or can’t quite afford it right now, you can still get plenty of benefit with a do-it-yourself model to see if a stand-up desk is right for you:

How to Make Your Stand-up Desk

If you have more time to personalize your own stand-up desk or just don’t have enough budget to buy a new one, these steps help you build your own. Building your own allows you to adapt with the space restrictions you have in your office on in your home. You can also include shelves and drawers to add functionality to your desk. The following are the steps in order to make a stand-up desk:

• Prepare your Supplies.

You will need to prepare the things you need such as:

• Adjustable desktop Monitor Stand

• Coffee Table or any table available (the surface should be slightly larger than your desktop monitor)

• Attachment screws

• Wall shelf

• Position your table
Your table will serve as the base of your stand-up desk. It should be sturdy to hold the top stand that you will use. Position your table in your desired space in your house or in your office. Make sure that the table will be against the wall to make your stand-up desk more stable since the wall will support your desk.

• Measure the height of your monitor
Measure the required height of the monitor in your stand up desk. Make sure that the monitor will lie at the level of your eyes so you will, not have to look down or tilt your head upward. Measure the distance from the top of your base table.

• Mount the Adjustable Monitor Stand
Mount the monitor stand on the top of the base table based on the measurement you got. Make sure that when you mount the monitor itself, it will be in line with your head.

• Secure the two tables in place
To prevent the monitor stand from falling, you need to secure its bottom part to the surface of the base table. Use screws to secure it.

• Position your wall shelf anywhere you want
The wall shelf will just add functionality to your stand-up table so you can place things on it to make your desk more organized.

This is just an alternative way to make a stand-up desk. No matter what piece of wood or table you use, make sure that when your monitor is mounted, it is positioned in line with your eyes and also your hand should rest on the surface when you stand without overreaching.