There have been a lot of controversies regarding the right position for working. In particular, sitting for prolonged periods has shown many harmful side-effects including development of varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, hemorrhoids, back and neck injuries. In this line, standing desks had been proposed to reduce musculoskeletal injuries as well as the peripheral vascular diseases that can be developed overtime in sitting.

Standing desks were once used over decades ago when seats were not that very popular. Now, because of the rise in white collar jobs that require sitting for prolonged periods, a lot of conditions brought proponents of standing desks to advocate again the use of desks.

Standing desks are believed to provide more benefits than sitting. These benefits include:

• Makes people more mobile
While standing, individuals tend to move around more rather than in sitting. Increased mobility may prevent stasis of blood and also protects the back from possible musculoskeletal injuries that can develop as the head drops forward while sitting for prolonged periods. Using standing desks, workers need not to take breaks in sitting because they can move their legs around even while working.

• Improves circulation to the feet
Standing desks also improves circulation to the feet because there is no bending of the knees for prolonged periods that may possibly impair the circulation to the feet. In addition, people are also able to move around; thereby improving the oxygenation of the cells in the lower extremities

• Prevents varicose veins and hemorrhoids
Varicose veins and hemorrhoids are usually developed from the weakness of the cusps in the veins when blood pools in the area. Sitting compresses the veins in the rectum making them bigger and eventually may out pouch causing hemorrhoids. In standing desks, there is no pressure placed unto the rectal veins. However, it is also essential to wear antiembolic stockings because prolonged standing may also cause stasis of blood in the legs to some extent.

• Prevents Build-up of Calories
The most common concern of women working in offices is gaining weight. Office workers literally work 8 hours a day in front of their computers or desks making their activities more sedentary. In this line, standing desks allow people to walk around while working; thereby burning more calories. Standing also burns fats more efficient than when you are sitting.

• Prevents most Back Injuries
On the contrary to popular belief, sitting for prolonged periods contributes more to slouching. When a person slouches, the normal curvature of the spine is affected, which may lead to spinal problems such as lumbar pain. People who slouch in chairs also have the tendency to drop their head forward in order to look at the monitor or on the desk. This allows the neck to carry ten times the weight of the head that may lead to cervicomuscular strain or chronic neck pains. Standing seems to lessen the incidences of slouching because people are more conscious of their posture while standing.

These benefits are actually proven by various studies on ergonomics. An Australian research in fact shows that people who tend to sit more often suffer from spinal injuries more than those who stand. Some organizations have already started to replace conventional desks with standing desks to make their workers less sedentary, contributing to overall well-being.

If you are an office worker or works in front of the computer for prolonged periods, you may want to consider using standing desks.