improve-posture-wesley-chapel-chiropractorGood posture is required in order to carry the body very well. A good posture allows the body to assume a good position and prevents strain on the ligaments as well as the muscles. However, because of everyday habits and activities, poor posture may have developed. Poor posture causes pain on the neck and back and may cause serious injury on the musculoskeletal system especially in the spine.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to poor posture such as standing and sitting incorrectly, obesity, use of improper foot wear, reduced strength and flexibility of the muscles and joints, poor sleeping position and not practicing proper body mechanics or ergonomics.

Having a good posture helps in preventing injuries to the body as well as creating improved appearance, makes you look slimmer and makes you look more confident. Here are the most essential tips in order for you to improve your posture:

  • Maintain proper body mechanics

Body mechanics is the use of the body and the musculoskeletal system in the least straining way. With proper body mechanics, you prevent injuries to the back and shoulders, which is usually the cause of poor posture. Proper body mechanics include avoiding bending at the waist, sitting up straight, avoiding slouching, avoiding reaching for things, and pushing instead of pulling.

  • Get up

Those who have poor posture usually are those who have the least active lifestyle. Instead of sitting in the office for the rest of the office hours, get up and walk around in order to relax your back muscles. Sitting for prolonged periods strains the back because the neck assumes a forward position.

  • Use ergonomic chairs and devices

Investing in ergonomic chairs is a good tip to improve posture. Improper back supports in chairs are usually the cause of poor posture in office workers.  Also, use ergonomic devices such as lumbar supports, head supports, foot rests, and cushions on the back.

  • Exercise

Exercise is also a good tip to improve posture. Specifically, strengthening and stretching exercises increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles especially on the back to properly support the body. Walking, cycling, swimming are also one of the best exercise for a good posture.

  • Use supportive footwear

A good foot wear is also a key to having a good posture. Avoid stilettos and very high heels. The higher the heels, the poorer the posture you get because the center of gravity is displaced. Instead, use wedges, flat shoes, rubber shoes and others to have adequate base of support.

  • Use an exercise ball

Lean on the exercise ball and stretch those muscles on your back. Doing exercise in an exercise ball everyday relieves tension on you back thereby preventing slouching.

  • Always maintain a relaxed position

Making your body too rigid in order to straighten your back is not good because it makes your muscles tight. Make sure that you maintain a relaxed straight position. Having a cushion on the back of the chair makes it more relaxing to straighten the back.

  • Try sitting at the edge of the chair

Sit at the edge of the chair after some time of prolonged sitting. Stretch your back and hold that position for several minutes. With this, you take time off from the back rest that allows you to slouch after some time.

  • Have  a good back massage

Most of the time, those who slouch have strained muscles on the back due to a lot of factors such as poor sitting position, carrying heavy back packs and others. When you have good back massage, the tension on the area is relieved making you lift your shoulders and chest once again.

  • Seek chiropractic care

Chiropractic care from your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor treats subluxations in the vertebrae, which causes problems in the back and other areas of the body. Seeking for chiropractic care relieves back problems and eventually improves posture.