Curing a Cold - Wesley Chapel ChiropractorColds can be a simple ailment, but it can be very disturbing especially if you can barely breathe through your nose due to nasal congestion. Aside from a nasal congestion, a ‘runny nose’ may also irritate your nostrils from frequent wiping of the area.

In this line, managements for colds should be employed to help you alleviate your symptoms. A cold is self-limiting, which means that you cannot actually cure it because it resolves on its own. It usually caused by a virus so it will generally resolve in a matter of one to two days.

Being self-limiting, there are no medications that will surely cure colds, but there are managements to reduce or alleviate the symptoms and to shorten the recovery time. In this regard, the following are the most common and most effective ways to manage colds:
• Water therapy
Water therapy is a classic management for colds; nevertheless, it is still the simplest, cheapest and one of the most effective remedies for the condition. Water increases moisture in the cells that helps moisten the mucus in the nasal cavity for easier decongestion. It also hydrates the mucous membranes in the nose to avoid cracking from dried mucus. Make sure to drink at least two litres of water every day as tolerated.
• Drinking Honey
Honey is another effective management for colds. It contains antioxidants that help reduce free radicals in the body that eventually helps strengthen the immune system. With an increased immunity, the viruses may be eradicated faster; thus shortening the recovery time. Research also supports the use of honey in both cough and colds. Aside from these, honey also soothes the itchy and irritated throat from mucus that has dripped to the pharynx from the nasal cavity. Drink or give your child 2 teaspoonful of honey at bedtime to help him sleep soundly, despite the colds.
• Consuming citrus fruits
Citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C that can help strengthen the immune system by making the collagen network of the cells more intact. By doing so, you prevent further proliferation of the virus in the nasal cavity. Increase intake of citrus fruits such as oranges, and lemons.
• Inhaling hot steam
Our mucus normally dries up when it is congested so to relieve this, you may inhale a hot steam by placing a bowl of hot water in front of you and covering your head and face with a cloth to prevent the steam from escaping and allowing you to inhale it fully. You can also turn on the hot shower with the shower curtain closed to trap the steam and stay inside the bathroom for steam inhalation. This effectively moistens the nasal area and also helps the mucus to be secreted effectively.
• Using Eucalyptus rubs
Eucalyptus has a natural soothing and relaxing properties that help relieve body malaise related to colds. It also contains cooling effects that when inhaled, causes the blood vessels in the nasal lining to constrict and relieve nasal congestion. Rub eucalyptus to the chest and back.

A cold is a simple ailment, but needs to be relieved because it may lead to post-nasal drip that can cause cough and respiratory infections. Medications for colds are available, but it is safer, cheaper, and sometimes more effective to use home remedies.