Outdoor Weight Loss - Wesley chapel chiropractorIt is summer time and you don’t want to miss this good weather in order to lose weight, but with a lot of things that you may possible y do under the sun, it is essential to pick those activities that may help you achieve your goal in losing weight. In addition, the winter and spring time makes your metabolism slow down that may contribute to your gaining of weight and even more visits to your Wesley Chapel chiropractor because of the added stress on your joints.

Summer time provides an inexpensive way to lose weight with the hot sun that may help you burn more calories fast. Undertaking outdoor activities along with proper diet may help you shed those extra pounds. Here are the possible outdoor summer activities to help you lose weight:

  • Cycling

Cycling during summer is a great way to lose weight. It is better to try the local trails in order for you to enjoy cycling without the traffic that you get along the road. Make sure to wear sun block and never do cycling in the middle of the day to avid the harsh UV rays that comes from the sun.

  • Swimming

Getting into the beach or pool is a great way to enjoy summer and it is also an effective means of losing weight. Swimming enhances the burning of calories and also tones down your arms and legs. Aside from swimming, you may also try walking on the beach along with the waves because the resistance in the water makes you tone your legs more and makes you burn more calories.

  • Rock climbing

Definitely, rock climbing is best during summer because they dry up ad lose the moss that makes rocks slippery. Try to engage in rock climbing because it tends to be a total workout for you. Make sure to have complete gears in order to prevent possible injuries.

  • Hiking

Hiking is also a good outdoor activity during summer in order to lose those extra pounds. Hiking helps you burn fats and may especially tone the legs for a sexier you. Use shoes with stability and traction in order to prevent accidental slips. You may engage in hiking all day in your local area or you can camp with your family or friends in order to enjoy the activity more.

  • Gardening

Gardening is also a good outdoor activity for you to enjoy summer as well as losing weight. Gardening is able to burn 300 calories per hour according to the American Council on exercise. If you engage in a two hour gardening to tend your neglected backyard may help you lose those extra calories that you get from your snacks and even in one of your meals.

  • Engage in sports

Any type of sports you enjoy during summer may be the best way for you to enjoy the season as well as lose weight. These may include outdoor basketball, beach volleyball, soccer, foot ball, rowing, and tennis.

For those who want to lose weight, summer is the best time because the heat increases the calories you burn. Try to enjoy some of these outdoor activities in order to have a healthier and slimmer you.