How To Measure Body Circumference - Wesley Chapel chiropractorGetting the body circumference is especially needed when you need to get your size for your clothes. Your Wesley Chapel chiropractor doesn’t have much need for your measurements, but most tailors can provide the definite measurement of your body circumference, but you can also get it yourself following various steps measuring your body circumference not only help you get your size, but also becomes an indicator of your health. The most common areas measured are the chest, waist and hips, which are also known as the vital statistics. The following discusses the important considerations and the specific steps in measuring your vital statistics.

Special Considerations in Measuring your Body Circumference

  • When measuring your body circumference, make sure to use a cloth tape measure, instead of a metal or those used in construction.
  • Place the tape measure neither too loose nor too tight to get the exact measurement.
  • Make sure that the tape measure is in level while getting the measurements.
  • Check if the tape measure has twisted at the back.
  • Use the appropriate unit of measurement, whether centimeters or inches.
  • In order to get the most exact measurement, take the body circumference bare or without clothes.
  • List your measurements rather than memorizing it because you may never know when you forget it.

Steps in Measuring your Body Circumference 

Measuring Your Chest Circumference

Place one end of the tape measure at level of your bust, on the fullest level. Wrap the tape measure around the body under the armpit and over the scapula or shoulder blades at the back and back to the front of the bust line. Make sure that the ends meet and measure the tape measure where it has landed over the other end.

Measuring your Waist Circumference

Following the same technique, wrap the tape measure around the smallest diameter of the waist, which is located just below the rib cage and just above the navel or belly button. Never depress your stomach because you will tend to get a smaller measurement than the right measurement.

Measuring your Hip Circumference

Spot the largest part of your buttocks and measure the circumference on that area. Start placing the end of the tape measure at one hip moving the tape measure around your buttocks back towards the other hip. Make sure the end of the tape measure and the level of the measurement meet. Since measuring the hips may be difficult because you may not be able to keep the tape measure in level at your rear, you can do this in front of a mirror.

The Meaning of your Measurements

Your body measurement means more than a simple body size for your clothes. The waist measurement is very important for lifestyle related diseases. Men who have a waist measurement of more than 102 centimeters or 40 inches have increased risk for developing obesity related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Women who have a waist circumference of more than 88 centimeters or 35 inches may also have the same risk. The waist to hip ratio may also be used for health purposes. Measure this by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference. A waist to hip ration of more than 0.8 in women and more than 0.95 in men have an increased tendency to develop obesity related diseases.

The next time you take your body circumference you may also determine the health implications of your measurements.