free weights vs machines - wesley chapel chiropractorHaving strength training can become confusing sometimes in regard to what type of devices are you going to use. Machine workouts and free weights are the two choices of people for strength training. Those who are just starting may not be able to decide on which device to use. The common question will be:  What is the best device to use: machines or free weights? Taking a look on the advantages and disadvantages of the two will help you decide on what are you going to use in your workouts.

Machine Workouts Advantages and Disadvantages


Machine workouts are usually advantageous when one is starting with strength training because of the following factors:

  • Machines are supportive

Those who are still learning on straight training usually take advantage of machines because of adequate support. This may also be beneficial for those who have not undergone workouts for long periods and those who require rehabilitation.

  • Machines saves time

Machines often require less time in switching weights unlike when you are using free weights.

  • Machines are easy to use

Machines usually have instructions and a fixed path. Because of this, it will be easier to start training with a guide.

  • Machines give more direction to training

Some people usually have no idea on how to use them in order to build a specific muscle. In machine workouts, it specifically focuses on a group of muscles and may allow people to choose machines to use for their specific needs.


Along with the advantages of machines, there are also disadvantages of using it. These include:

  • Machines allow fewer muscles to be used.

Because of being too supportive, machines allow fewer muscle uses. In this regard, you also burn lesser calories.

  • Machines offer limited workout

Since machines usually focus on one area of the body only, individuals may be required to use different machines for a total workout.

  • Prevents natural body work

Because machines usually work on a specific place only, it prevents the movement of the muscles of the body in various planes, thereby making workout limited.

Free weights Advantages and Disadvantages


Free weights usually give people with more time-efficient and effective workouts. Advantages include:

  • Provides versatility

Since free weights do not have specific planes or fixed paths, individual may use free weights in various workouts. A specific free weight such as a dumbbell may provide various workouts so you don’t need to move from one machine to another.

  • Increased functionality

Free weights also allow the body to assume normal planes, which are naturally assumed in everyday life

  • Improves strength of totality of muscles

Free weights are also able to develop even the smaller muscles, which are usually neglected in machines.


Disadvantages of free weights include:

  • Free weights use is hard to learn

For first time trainers, using free weights may be difficult because there is no specific plane or fixed path. Having good form in free weights is also more difficult for first timers.

  • Increased risk for injury

Because of more difficult form and absence of fixed paths, trainers often assume wrong techniques that may increase injury to the musculoskeletal system and lead to more visits to your Wesley Chapel chiropractor.

  • Creates confusion

Because of the vast exercises that you can do in free weights, it’s often confusing on what to do first.

Since machines and free weights have specific advantages and disadvantages, one is not more beneficial than the other. The use of machines and free weights depend on the characteristic of the individual using it. For first time trainers, machines may be more beneficial, but as the training progresses, free weights may already be used.