golf back pain - wesley chapel chiropractorPlaying sports may be one of the best techniques in order to stay physically fit as well as prevent lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. However, along with any other sports, golf may also pose certain risk for the health. Golf in particular, may cause back pains and neck pains due to the repetitive motions and swinging of the body. However, these problems may not be present to all. These are preventable in order to avoid severe back problems.

Back Problems related to Golf

The most common injury to the back is overuse injury as a result of frequent swinging motions in playing golf. These repetitive motions can result from swinging the golf club, picking the golf ball and placing it on the tee that tend to arch the back. These repetitive stresses on the musculoskeletal system may lead to muscle strains, tendon and ligament damages.

Neck Problems related to Golf

Another potential effect of playing golf is the development of neck problems. When doing a powerful swing, the cervical spine may experience excessive tension from neck rotation. In addition, looking down frequently on the golf ball before hitting may also lead to stress on the neck muscles. When the neck muscles are stained, it may cause neck pain, stiffness and tenderness.

Preventing Back and Neck Problems in Golf

The main objective of preventive measures is to avoid severe back and neck affectation that may lead to decreased level of functioning. Preventive measures may include:

  • Proper Warm up before any game

Warm up exercises should be undertaken in order to reduce muscle strain by enhancing flexibility. Warm up exercises may include stretching exercises of the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Also, practice slight swinging of the golf club before the game in order for the back to adjust adequately.

  • Maintain good body mechanics

Good body mechanics also may prevent back and neck injuries. This should include avoiding bending at the waist when picking up the golf ball. Instead, bend on your knees and pick the ball while maintaining a straight back.

  • Carrying the golf bag appropriately

Carrying a golf bag is usually indispensable when playing golf. A key to preventing back injuries is carrying the back appropriately. Use the shoulders alternately in carrying the bag. Avoid carrying it at the same shoulders all the time because this puts strain on one area. Also, maintain the back to be straight while carrying it.

When you are experiencing back problems, playing golf may not be safe for the back because it may cause further injury to the back. Seek consult from a physician in case you intend to play golf while having back problems. In addition, you may also seek chiropractic care from your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor in order to relieve tension on the back before and after playing golf. Some people with back problems usually have difficulties playing such because pain hinders their ability to swing. For normal individuals, following the preventive measures may decrease the risk for back problems related to playing golf.