Pool Exercise - Wesley Chapel chiropractorSince people become more used to going to fitness gyms for their workouts, the use of swimming pools for exercise is already underrated. However, experts say that water or pool exercises provide you with well-rounded exercises that tend to be more beneficial than any other exercise for that matter.

Pool exercises involve exercise routines while in the water. These can be both employed by younger as well as older population. Pool exercises are considered low-impact or no-impact activities since one or both of your feet remain on the ground while doing your exercises; thereby significantly preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

There are a lot of routines that you can do in pools so it gives you a diverse training while enjoying the water. To know more about pool exercises, the following outlines the benefits of which:

• Reduces soft tissue injuries
Most high-impact exercises as well as low impact exercises pose risks for soft tissue injuries like muscle sprains and joint issues. When undertaking pool exercises, the buoyant force of the water keeps you from hitting the ground and also allows your body to relax as much as possible during the routines. Pool exercises are especially important for people with joint problems such as osteoarthritis because the water usually stabilizes your weight to prevent tension on the weight-bearing joints.
• Improves the range of motion
Most people who cannot perform certain routines on land are able to do it in pools. This is for the reason that the water is able to support the joint motion, which reduces tension or stress in the structures surrounding the joints making you improve your range of motion.
• Burns more calories
Pool exercises are also able to burn up to 600 calories in an hour so an average of two to three hours of pool exercises may help you burn the unwanted calories from the foods you eat.
• Enhances cardio endurance
Pool exercises causes improved cardiovascular performance because as you submerge in water, the cool temperature will allow your heart and blood vessels to move blood in a faster rate for heat production. In this line, a good cardio workout may be employed using pool exercises.
• Provides a calm environment for exercise
The waters around you usually create a relaxing feeling that helps you reduce your fatigue and stress. In contrast to land exercises, pool exercises tend to be “softer”, but provide same benefits so you might as well go for the more relaxing approach. It is a great stress relieving technique because it feels like vacation every time you step into waters.
• Aids in weight loss
Since pool exercises allow you to burn fats efficiently, it may be a good weight loss remedy. On an average, reducing 3400 pounds of calories may help you lose up to one pound of weight. This means that two days of pool exercises for 2 hours each will help you lose one pound of your weight fast.

Pool exercises are generally more fun to employ as compared to other forms of exercise. In this line, you may employ pool exercise together with your family as part of your out-of-town activity.