Are X-Rays Safe? - Wesley Chapel chiropractorX-rays are inevitable in every health care agency such as hospitals and diagnostic centers because these are one of the basic tools to diagnose any conditions affecting the skeletal system and other organs in the body. X-rays are considered basic diagnostic tools because this is usually the first line of diagnostic devices used before CT-scans and MRIs. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people indicating that X-rays are not safe because of the radiation it emits to our bodies when X-ray shots are taken.

In regard to the concern that X-rays may be dangerous, they are relatively safe for use. X-rays may contain radioactive rays that are used for the detection of the inner parts of the body; however, these are small enough to cause any problems in the body.

Ionizing radiations from other sources actually can cause injuries inside the body, particularly in the cells. When this radiation reaches the cells, it causes the ions to be knocked out that leads to collision inside. These collisions are usually the cause of cellular changes such as DNA disruption that eventually leads to gene mutations. These gene mutations and cellular aberrations usually result in cancers, organ dysfunctions, and blood dyscrasias such as leukemia. There can also be death in the cells that lead to various degenerative conditions and even infertility because of the damage to the reproductive cells such as the sperms and the egg cells.

These undertakings are usually the concern of many regarding X-rays. However, X-ray radiations are small enough to even cause a mild effect in the body. The various adverse effects of radiation discussed above are usually caused by high amounts of radioactive rays as seen in accidents in nuclear power plants or exposure to atomic bombs.

Today, there are environmental radiations that people are exposed to, which is barely present to cause serious effects in the body. Environmental radiations usually come from the earth’s atmosphere and from cosmic rays in space.  Just like X-rays, the radioactive materials emitted to the body are very small. In fact, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is even more dangerous than the radiation from X-rays.

The dangers or X-rays; however, may be seen in those who literally undergo X-ray procedures most of the time such as every day, but rarely are there people who experience this. You may see X-ray technicians wearing protective equipment to protect themselves from the radiation, but this is due to the fact that they are constantly exposed to this type of radiation because of their work. For people, getting an X-ray should not cause any concern because early diagnosis of diseases is more essential than avoiding the X-ray tests.

In conclusion, X-rays are generally safe. Doctors even recommend X-rays and should there any adverse events from it, medical practitioners should even know it at start. Nevertheless, physicians still recommend X-rays as a basic tool to diagnose conditions affecting the internal organs such as the lungs, heart and bones.

The benefits of undergoing X-rays generally outweigh the potential risks from the radiation. People are even more susceptible to diseases from factors such as smoking, alcoholism and poor diet than undergoing X-rays.

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