Pulstar Adjusting - Wesley Chapel chiropractorPulstar adjusting is a special chiropractic adjustment technique that uses a special device to detect and correct spinal subluxations. Usually, chiropractic adjustments involve manual manipulation of the spine to correct any nerve impingements in the spine. Manual chiropractic adjustments usually involve the production of a popping or a clicking sound at the joints while the adjustments are being performed. Chiropractic adjustments are relatively safe and do not cause pain; however, there are some people who are still very skeptical about getting one.

In this regard, a new technology that produces similar results to chiropractic adjustments is the Pulstar technique. It is generally a chiropractic adjustment tool that uses a hand held device to analyze and adjust the spine different from the manual adjustments.

How Does Pulstar Adjusting Work?

Pulstar contain a Spinal Analysis and Adjusting system, which allows the chiropractor to detect where the problem is on the spine to determine the best way to treat it.  The hand held device allows your Wesley Chapel chiropractor to make spinal adjustments without the popping sound in manual adjustments. The device also contains a soft tissue tip that allows for discomfort-free adjustments.

The Pulstar equipment actually uses gentle vibrations in the analysis and adjustment of the spine. This device may even analyze the deformity in the spine in less than 30 seconds making it more efficient for use. As the device is placed on the back, a result of the analysis will display on the screen of the computer in graphic and numeric format.

The usual data gathered is the relative stiffness of the spine. Once the device detected some sorts of stiffness, it helps the chiropractor select the spine to be adjusted. After which, the device uses this new Multiple Impulse Therapy that delivers vibrations to the spine. These vibrations help in relieving the stiffness and bringing back the normal range of motion of the vertebrae. In fact, Pulstar can even detect when the treatment is over by analyzing the stiffness on the vertebrae.

After the treatment, the device again analyzes the spine and displays the current status—whether the deformities or stiffness were solved or not and even calculates the percentage of improvement in the spine. This becomes a good evaluation tool for the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.

What is the Mechanism of Pulstar Adjustment?

The functions of the Pulstar equipment are actually based on the Piezoelectric Sensors that is connected on a computer program. These sensors are responsible for detecting any problems in the spine as well as the soft tissues around the vertebrae. These same sensors are also responsible for producing the mild vibrations to relieve stiffness in the joints and muscles.

Who is Pulstar Adjusting For?

Pulstar adjusting is effective to patients of all ages from children to geriatric populations. Common problems that may benefit from this adjustment are headaches, restricted motions on the back, neck and lower back pain, muscle spasms, problems on the vertebral discs, joint pains and back muscle stiffness. Pulstar adjusting is also best for those who fear chiropractic adjustments, although manual adjustments are generally safe.

Pulstar adjusting is an advanced technique for chiropractic care, which leads chiropractic care a step closer to be accepted by everyone.