People, who want to maintain fitness, usually focus on high impact exercises because of belief that these make them more fit. However, low-impact exercises are as important as high impact ones and in fact are more beneficial for cardiovascular health, as well as less visits to your Wesley Chapel chiropractor. As the term implies, low-impact exercises include those that allow the person to have at least one foot remain in contact with the ground as the exercise is done at all times. However, some exercises are also considered low impact even if both feet remain on the ground or the body is supported by machines or by water.

The Importance of Low Impact Exercises 

Low impact exercises are best for beginners as well as to people suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and connective tissue, joint or bone disorders. Older adults, pregnant women and obese individuals also benefit best from low impact exercises as less tension is placed on the body. Low impact exercises tend to be less intense on the lower extremities making them relatively safer than high impact exercises. According to research, those who perform low impact exercises have reduced risk for musculoskeletal injuries.

Low impact makes you burn calories, but keeps your musculoskeletal system more intact than other types of exercises.

Types of Low Impact Exercises

Various low impact exercises that you can do include:

  • Walking

Walking is by far the simplest low impact exercise that you can do. Walking utilizes almost every muscle, which makes it a good low impact exercise. You can alternate fast and slow walking and you can also try different slopes to add resistance to your exercise.

  • Step climbing

Step climbing will be more vigorous than walking as you try to alternate steps on bleachers or customized climber equipment in a gym. Step climbing burns more calories than regular walking as you lift your body up and bring your body down the steps.

  • In-line skating

Skating is also considered a low impact exercise. You can start in a flat surface and progress to upward and downward slopes.

  • Dancing

Dancing is also a great workout while you enjoy. There are a lot of dancing workouts you can choose from, but the most recommended dance for exercise is Zumba. It is a vigorous dance exercise that allows for various arm and leg routines.

  • Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainer is considered a no impact exercise because both your feet remain in contact with the ground. Nevertheless, elliptical trainers allow you to burn up to 300 calories in 45 minutes. Elliptical trainers also allow you to develop your upper body better.

  • Cycling

You can enjoy outdoor activities more with cycling. Cycling is a good cardio exercise that also allows you to discover the environment as you go through various routes.

  • Swimming

Swimming is actually best for obese individuals, pregnant women and those who suffer from joint problems in the lower extremities since the water reduces tension in these areas.

  • Rowing Machine

Rowing machines help you improve your posture and it is a full body toner. It helps your back to become stronger; hence, you assume a better posture. It also tones your arms so as you pull harder on the rowing machine, you produce excellently sculpted upper limbs.

  • Yoga

Yoga is a good form of exercise for your physical body, and it also improves your concentration and mental well-being. Yoga includes physical workouts, breathing exercises and mental exercises.

  • Rock climbing

Probably the most vigorous low impact exercise (especially if you climb hard rock formations) is rock climbing. Rock climbing works out your whole body as you aim for the top. You may want to enjoy your outdoor activities by climbing rock formations or rock walls.

If you plan to begin undertaking exercises, you may consider starting with low impact activities. You may actually progress to harder workouts, but it is essential to start with the basics to allow your body adapt better to exercise.