Bodyweight Exercises - Wesley Chapel chiropractorBodyweight exercises are the most basic form of all training. Bodyweight training involves the use of the weight of the body to perform exercises. Bodyweight exercises allow the body to move in three planes of anatomical position such as the transverse, frontal and sagittal planes. Bodyweight exercises is considered extreme because it requires the movement of own bodyweight. Training using bodyweight exercises are beneficial in improving and maintaining the balance, mobility, coordination, stability, reactiveness and limits body weakness. Many trainers require their clients to begin training with bodyweight before using any weights.

Bodyweight exercises allow the body to begin a strength foundation in order for you to have more effective transition to a progressive strength training exercises. The following are the best bodyweight exercises that can be employed by trainers.

  • Chin or Pull up Exercises

This bodyweight exercise builds the biceps. This is one of the most basic bodyweight exercises. Do this by pulling self up on a bar. Doing it on rings is more effective, but more difficult. Hold the position for 20 seconds and perform the exercise for at least fifty reps in a week.

  • Rope climb Exercise

This bodyweight exercise involves climbing a twenty foot rope just by using your hands. This significantly strengthens the arm muscles.

  • Hand stand push-up

This is considered one of the best exercises in order to develop the shoulders. Begin by having your feet supported by the wall and progress to handstand. The handstand is one of the most important techniques that can be developed for improved athleticism.

  • Push-ups

Push-ups are the most common bodyweight training that can be mastered over a couple of days of training. There are a lot of variations of push-ups that can be performed.

  • Ring dip Exercise

This involves pulling the self up and down while holding on a suspended ring. You can also move your legs towards the front while you do the exercise to have better development of the triceps and the chest muscles.

  • Hand walking

This can be done by assuming a handstand position and walking yourself through around an area. You can also have your feet supported in a power wheel and use your hands to move around in a push-up position. This exercise helps to develop shoulder stability and strength. It is also helpful in developing your abs. Do the hand walking in at least 100 yards.

  • Back foot elevated squats

Squat all the way down until the hamstring muscles touches your calf. Also, avoid dropping the heels on the floor while doing the squats. This bodyweight exercise improves the strength of the leg and buttocks muscles.

  • Single leg squats

This type of squats is also best in developing the leg muscles by concentrating on the stability of one leg, thereby improving balance.

  • Beyond the range push-ups

This type of push-ups is done by having the arms elevated on blocks or even in a swing. The use of the swing improves more the balance as you try to stabilize your body and arms on the moving bars.

  • Leg hip thrust

This body exercise is especially important for those who want to develop gorgeous buttocks. This is done by working you hip down between two benches as your upper back is supported on one bench and one foot on the other bench.

Mastering these good bodyweight exercises help in improving the muscle tone and strength, as well as keeping your core strong, improving your posture, and making your Wesley Chapel chiropractor visits easier on you and the doctor.