Bad Posture - Wesley Chapel chiropractor

We always want to have a good posture for aesthetic reasons, but we seldom know that having a bad posture can greatly affect our overall health. Having bad posture can greatly affect our sense of well-being so having a good posture and ergonomics is also a key to improved health.

Many people usually take good posture for granted and even young children are observed to have poor spinal alignments. The rise in white collar jobs that confine people in their chairs and desks also increases the number of people experiencing poor posture and musculoskeletal problems.

In this line, it is essential to determine how bad posture can affect our overall health in order for us to undertake measures to improve our stance and carriage. Several studies have shown that bad posture can actually cause problems in relation to:

  • Subluxations

Subluxations are problems that involve misalignments of the spine, which may cause irritation or damage to the underlying nerves. Often, people disregard spinal subluxations because minor misalignments often go undetected until the time comes that it is already severe that may lead to severe back pains.

  • Arc of life

Aside from misalignments of the spine, people may also develop loss of the arc of life or the normal arc of the spine as a result of poor posture. When the normal arc is disrupted, the spinal cord may be damaged leading to various nerve problems generally in all parts of the body. The spinal cord is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses to and from the brain from the peripheral areas in the body so any problems that may arise in it may cause serious affectation of overall health. For instance, a forward head displacement may actually cause problems in the neck muscles leading to neck pains.

  • Other organs in the body

Any disruption in the normal posture and normal position of the spine from the cervical area to the lumbar area can actually cause problems in the organs. For instance, a forward head position can actually reduce the lung capacity by 30%. When the lumbar spine is out of alignment, it can also lead to problems in elimination and ambulation and so on. Poor posture can also compress other organs in the body such as those in the abdomen leading to frequent abdominal discomforts. Any problems that may arise in the spine can actually cause effects to other organs in the body because the nerves that innervate the organs are affected.

Aside from these general effects of poor posture to overall health, a bad stance or carriage may also cause the following specific problems:

  • Fatigue

Bad posture commonly causes fatigue. Since muscles are affected by poor posture, they tend to work harder to make you more stable leading to fatigue.

  • Pain

Pain is another common effect of poor posture. Pain can be experienced along the spine or other areas in the body such as the arms, shoulder and legs because of affectation of the nerves in these areas. Pain greatly affects the person because of being debilitating.

  • Poor range of motion

Poor posture can also affect how the person moves because of tighter muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Since posture is also an indicator for general health, it is essential that people undertake measures to maintain good posture such as proper ergonomics or body movement, undertaking exercises, and visiting your Wesley Chapel chiropractor.