Tips to Reduce Stress - Wesley Chapel chiropractorStress is inevitable in every person as every day tests and activities give every person challenges in life. Stress cannot be prevented because life is just a complex phenomenon; however, stress can be reduced to a functional level. When a person is stressed, the tendency is that he or she is not able to perform activities of daily living, social and family roles. Stressed is good when it is minimal because it enhances the perceptual field and the reaction of people to stimuli, but overwhelming stress can lead to emotional as well as mental impairments. In dealing with stress, stress reduction techniques should be employed. The following are the tips on how to reduce stress and live life to the fullest:

  • Identify the things that give you stress

The first step in dealing with stress is identifying the things that cause this. Looking into your sources of stress may not be easy as you think because some sources are not always obvious. For instance, you may be stressed at work due to a lot of paper works. You may think that your work is your source of stress, but actually it is your habit of procrastination that makes your job more stressful. Identifying your sources of stress allows you to deal with your stress better.

  • Identify your coping strategies

The next step in dealing with your stress is to identify your coping strategies. In this way, you will be able to see if these strategies are worthwhile and effective. This is very important because some people use unhealthy and unproductive ways to deal with stress such as smoking, alcohol drinking, overeating, withdrawing from other people, using pills, physical violence and others. Healthier and more worthwhile ways to manage stress include avoiding the stressor, altering the stressor, adapting and accepting.

  • Avoid your stressor

Not all stressors can be avoided because some just need to be addressed; however, there are some which you can avoid to prevent problems in your life. Avoiding your stressor may include ways such as:

  • Learning to say NO

Not all things need to be accepted. In case of your occupation, learn to know your limits because taking more than what you can handle is inevitably a source of stress. Learn to do things at a time.

  • Take control over your stressors

Taking control over your stressors means being able to avoid stress to take its stall on you. If you hate traffics, then take a less travelled route. If you are stressed with news, then don’t watch news programs and the like.

  • Avoid people who give you stress

Some people just give you stress every time you deal with them or see them. If this is not a significant part of your life like friends and family, you may choose to shorten your contact with them or avoid them throughout.

  • Alter your stressor

Some stressors cannot be avoided, but you can alter them. Altering the situation makes stressors less of a problem in the future. You may alter your stress by:

  • Proper time management

Time management allows you to do things better. If you are stressed at preparing breakfast for your kids in the morning because you don’t want them to be late, you can get up 15 minutes earlier so you can also prepare their breakfast earlier. Depending on your stress, you can manage your time better.

  • Compromise

In every problem you face with other people, compromising seems to be the best solution instead of fighting on things.

  • Adapt to your stressor

Since some stressors cannot be avoided, adapting to them is a key to reducing their impact to your life.

  • Accept your stressor

As much as you would want to eradicate your stressor, the best thing to do is to accept them. Once you have already accepted them, you can see that you slowly adapt to them and device ways to eradicate them. Every stress in life is a means for you to grow or mature.

  • Undertake relaxation techniques

A more objective way to mange stress is to employ various stress reduction techniques depending on your interests. You may go out with family and friends, have a massage at your favorite Wesley Chapel chiropractor, write a book, plant in your garden, have a pet, watch a comedy movie, apply aromatherapy and others.