With the rise of white collar jobs, there has been an increase in the incidences of back pains. In fact, back pain is the most common complaint of people when seeking therapy such as chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage. Back pain is largely affected by posture and the occurrence of prolonged sitting or standing. Most office workers actually report back pin after several hours of work in front of the computer or desk.

One of the indicators of back health is the chair we use. Some chairs just don’t offer a good ergonomic position of the body that leads to lower back pains, shoulder tension and neck injuries. In this line, it is best to get the best office chairs in your work area or at home.

There are a lot of chairs available and the most common chairs used are standard or regular chairs. However, regular chairs just don’t offer the best position for your back health. In fact, regular chairs may even be detrimental especially if you have been sitting there for a prolonged period. Regular chairs allow you to sit in a conventional right degree angle both in your back and in your feet. This position, in fact, is not good for our back because it eventually promotes the C-shaped position of the spine. This gives uneven pressure in the vertebral disks that can cause degeneration or herniation.

The problem in standard chairs is that they do not provide adequate back support and cause the person to slouch overtime. The right angle in the knees as your sit also impairs the blood flow to the feet making you uncomfortable when sited for prolonged periods. This in turn allows you to assume several positions to assume comfort and when you know it, your back may have suffered tension already.

To prevent the occurrence of these problems and less visits to your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor, proponents of ergonomics have devised a special chair in the form of kneeling chairs. The main objective of kneeling chairs is to promote better spinal alignment to prevent strain on the lower back. Kneeling chair is a type of chair that actually allows you to kneel while sitting. Kneeling chairs promote the thighs to be dropped 60 to 70 degrees. This is in contrast to regular chairs that allow your thighs and knees to have a 90 degree angle when sitting.

Kneeling chairs are best for people with problems on the lower back because it distributes tension on the buttocks, thighs and shin rather in the coccyx and sacrum. A kneeling chair lowers the angle of the lower part of the body that causes the spine to straighten as opposed to the conventional position that puts much strain on the back leading to slouching.

There have been a lot of controversies regarding the use of kneeling chairs that it is no better than regular chairs. However, a recent study conducted has proved that kneeling chairs actually maintain the normal curvature of the lumbar spine that is not seen in regular chairs.

In this line, we could see the advantages of kneeling chairs over regular chairs. You may want to consider having a kneeling chair if you are working for extended hours; nevertheless, you can still have your regular chair if you are not going to use it for prolonged sitting.