weightlifting form - wesley chapel chiropractorProper form in every exercise is very essential, but not many people focus on these things more than their want to build muscles. Most often, people lift heavy weights using bad forms when in fact, lifting lighter weights using good weightlifting forms is more beneficial and produces more significant results. For some, good weightlifting form is very essential because it makes or breaks each workout. Weightlifting and building muscles will never be maximized without the use of proper weightlifting form. So why it is that good weightlifting form is important? Here are some of the reasons why you should lift weight in the best way possible:

  • Good weightlifting form prevents injuries

Starters usually make mistakes while lifting weights so they increase the chances for injuries. When you lift improperly, the tendency is that the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons are stressed because they are unable to absorb the weight efficiently. There is also a tendency y to pull something in your soft tissues leading to soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains. When the spine is also not properly aligned during weightlifting, it receives so much weight because the back muscles are not properly used leading to spinal injuries and more visits to your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor.

  • Proper lifting form maximizes muscle growth

Some people believe that lifting heavy weights regardless of the form will make them grow more muscles rather than lifting lighter weights using good forms. When proper lifting form is employed, you gain more muscle quickly rather than lifting in a wrong way. When you lift properly, your muscles contract and work better that aids in muscle building. In addition, it also improves the stretch of the muscles and prevents injuries that may lead to poor muscle growth.

  • Proper weight lifting form maximizes the potential of specific muscle groups

Weightlifting not only aims to build large muscles, but to enhance muscle strength and functionality as well. When you lift weights appropriately, the specific muscle groups work and contract. Even small muscles in the area are also developed; hence, there is better strength training and body building.

  • Good weightlifting form improves range of motion

If you lift weights in improper forms, the muscles, ligaments and tendons become tensed in such a way that will restrict movement. Muscles increase their flexibility when they are worked out in correct forms. Increasing flexibility enhances the range of motion; thereby improving the functionality of the muscles.

Good weightlifting form involves various techniques such as controlling the movement, proper range of motion and undertaking weightlifting at the right speed. Movements should be as natural as they should. Never arch your back when lifting weights and make your body as relaxed as possible. Also, lift weights according to the range of motion of the joint. Furthermore, slowly contract your muscles as you lift weights and never allow jerky movements to maximize the contractile units that function. Allow 2 to 4 seconds in lifting and 1 to 2 seconds in maintaining the contraction of the muscles.

Following the good weightlifting forms, you are assured of a more beneficial and effective workout. As they say, a person that is concerned with precision is more successful than one that is concerned with speed.